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Tabs is the ninth tab that is seen in Add New section.Under tabs section, you will find the following options:

Use Global Tabs Layout: If you check this option then the setting that you have made from here will not be applied. All of the tabs settings will be from the Global setting which you can manage by going to Trips> Settings > Tabs. 

If “Use Global Tabs Layout” option remains unchecked then you can manage the tab setting from here.

For example, if you want the global layout for two different trips then for that two different trips you can check the option “Use Global Tabs Layout” and if you want different tabs setting for the individual trip then uncheck the option and manage according to your requirement.

What can be done from here?

  • Sort the tabs: If you are not happy with the listing of the tabs at the frontend then you can sort it from here. You can rearrange the tabs where ever you like simply by dragging the tabs up and down.
  • Rename the tabs: You can even rename the tabs if you like.

Display: In case if you did not want the particular tab to display then you can simply uncheck the “Display” option.

For example :

At the backend:


At the frontend:

Frontend display of the tab:

Overview Block  :

Trip Outline Block :

Trip Includes Block :


Trip Excludes Block :

Gallery Block :

Reviews Block :


Booking Block :


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