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Under Payment section, you will be able to see different settings of the payment options that are available within the plugin as seen in the screenshot below.

The first section under the payment tab is payment settings. This section particularly deals with the feature  “Partial payment” of the payment option. The option available are explaind below:

Payment Settings:

You can manage the payment setting by going to Admin Panel > Trips > Settings > Payment:

Available Options in Payment Settings:

  • Partial Payment: If you want your customer to facilitate the partial payment then you can enable this option.  Enabling this user will be able to make the partial payment of the package they have chosen.
  • Minimum Payment amount: This option allows you to adjust minimum percent of the amount to pay while booking.



Standard PayPal:

The second section under the payment tab is standard paypal.

WP Travel Standard PayPal was add-ons for WP Travel but due to lots of request form users to merge this in WP Travel core, we have added this addon in plugin core so that there will be no hassle for a payment gateway.  Standard PayPal is a wonderful addition to the WP Travel Plugin. Integrating with PayPal offers your customer’s simple ways to pay for the booking that is being made also and in addition, you can view the payment stat made by users on the backend.

Standard PayPal will undoubtedly enhance the WP Travel plugin.

Available Options:

  • Enable PayPal: This option allows enable/disable the PayPal option on the frontend.
  • PayPal Email: This field enables you to enter the email.

Note: New form field added in Booking form for full payment mode or partial payment mode. To edit payment mode refer to Admin Side.

The Application process:

Booking Works with the PayPal payment gateway. To enable PayPal as your payment processor first, you will need a PayPal account. If you do not already have one, you can sign up here: https://www.paypal.com/home.

Go through the registration process and then come back to your site.

Client Side

Booking Options:

There are basically two types of Booking Options. They are:

  1. Booking with Payment.
  2. Booking Only

Booking with Payment:

To enable the booking with payment options at the front end, at first you have to enable the option “Enable Paypal” by going to Admin panel > Trips > Settings > Payments.

Under this option, there are two modes of booking.

  • Full Payment: If you desire to go with Full payment then you can simply choose the option “Full Payment” and click on booking button. Clicking on booking button will lead you to PayPal home page. After making the required payment you can return to merchant and if you want, you can even make the booking further.
  • Partial Payment: If you desire to go with partial payment then you can simply choose the option “Partial Payment” and click on booking button.

Booking Only:

This is simply a booking made without the payment. After making the booking you get an email that includes you’re booking detail.

Note: After making the booking you will get an email which includes the detail about your booking info.

Admin Side

The Admin will be able to view the lists and the booking detail that is made by the clients. If required, the admin has the authority to change the booking detail made by the client as well.

Booking listing :


The Booking listing page consists of the following information.

Contact name: It is the name of the person under which the booking is made using booking form.

Status: This column lists your booking status.

Payment: This column lists the type of payment you have made i.e. either Full Payment or Partial Payment.

Booking Date: This column displays the booking published date.

Booking detail:


TAX Options:

The third section under the payment tab is tax option. This is the brand new and amazing feature that is released with the version 1.2.2 of WP Travel.

You can find the tax settings in the Tax Options section. Below we present all options step by step.

  • Enable Tax for Trip Price: This option allows the user to enable/disable the tax for the trip price.
  • Trip prices entered with tax:
    • Yes, I will enter trip prices inclusive of tax: The trips will include tax according to defined rate i.e the final price of the trip is shown including the trips.
    • No, I will enter trip prices exclusive of tax: The trips will not include tax. During checkout, the prices will be increased by tax according to the defined rate.
  • Tax Percentage: This option allows the user to enter the tax percent that they want to set for the trip price.



Tax (Inclusive):



Tax (Exclusive):

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