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The plugin WP Travel is made translation ready for the release of version 1.0.3.

Here is the list of steps that you need to follow for the translation.

  • In your plugin file you can find the .pot file in wp-travel > i18n > languages >wp-travel.pot . Using this file you can translate to any language you want.
  • Download software like Poedit.
  • Launch poedit application.
  • Choose “Create a new translation” option in the application Screenshot :
  • Find strings to translate from the list and provide translation string in Translation Box.
  • Save the translation
  • Place the .po and .mo file generated by the software inside wp-content > language by creating the folder naming it wp-travel.

Note: You need to add the prefix wp-travel in .mo file.


For Nepali translation, rename .mo file that is generated from the Poedit software to “wp-travel-ne_NP.mo“.

Finally, in your Admin Dashboard > Settings > General > language, make sure the desired language is chosen and save your settings.

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