Want to use a business travel management tool that will simplify your and your employee’s work?

Then, Take a look at this article where you will get to know about different business travel management tools.

The travel business never dies. At the same time, chances of getting success in this business never fade out.

But, you will require an excellent plan and tools to implement that plan for being a successful tour operator.

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As with a growing business, you need to remove complexity from your business which will take lots of time and energy.

That’s why here in this blog, we will discuss different business travel management tools that you can consider to simplify your business activities.

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What are Business Travel Management Tools?

The business travel management tool is a software by which you can make easy bookings, manage expenses as well and track budgets for your company.

At the same time, you can take your employee’s satisfaction level to the highest point by simplifying every single work. It will save the time and energy that they will put into these works.

You can set policies and implement them easily in your business with this tool.

Managing thousands of reports, and profiles isn’t needed when you will use the business travel management tool.

It will not only reduce your stress but also your employees by ensuring a management system that is easy, stress-free, and at the same time, less time-consuming.

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Some business travel management tools for your business

You will find different business travel management tools in different business directories or on Google.

But, researching all these tools and deciding which one is perfect is a bit difficult and confusing.

So, here we are combining the 10 best business travel management tools for your business.

1. TravelBank:

business travel management tools

Managing your business, booking, and expenses needs to be in control and easy. TravelBank is the travel management tool that will offer you complete travel management solutions.

Besides, it will save your employees time by providing an automated expense management system.

Due to inbuilt expense tracking, you can manage your bookings and expenses without having any issues. This business management tool will help you to increase the booking of your company.

It will help you to track all your expenses and reports in less time. Even you can view transactions that haven’t been submitted yet.

Furthermore, it will provide you with 500,000+ properties and other sharing options.

With this business management tool, you can book flights at the corporate rate and observe all the available vehicle services from a laptop or mobile.

Whether you are running a small or large company, you can use this tool.

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2. Lola.com:

business travel management tools

It’s a corporate travel management tool by which you can easily manage your budgets, track spending, and remove the hassle of managing reports.

Your all business work will be simplified after using this mindblowing tool.

You can share the budget in less time, and set a limit for it, and in the meantime, you can set a budget for person, category, and vendor-wise.

This will all let you manage your budgets effectively as well as efficiently. Moreover, you can use various cards to make your transactions easier.

Lola.com will offer you employee cards, purchasing cards, and virtual cards using facilities.

You can easily track all transactions and set a budget as well as a policy for these cards.

If your employees try to use these cards for the wrong purpose and don’t maintain the policy, you can easily hold that transaction.

Luckily, with this tool, you can plan for your team’s travel without facing any hassle. Forget about managing your reports by using Lola.com. As they will do it for you.

3. TravelPerk:

business travel management tools

Having a safe, flexible, and pleasant trip is everyone’s first priority.

TravelPerk makes no effort to provide you with that experience. To provide a tension-free experience, they manage all things from booking to travel.

They will provide you with 24/7 support for any unexpected problem. Besides, it will help you to get a safe trip from this COVID situation.

In any case, if you cancel the trip, you will get 80% money back. So, you don’t need to worry about what will happen if you cancel the trip.

The most interesting part is you can go on a trip that will cause zero carbon emissions. That means your business trip will cause zero damage to the environment. You need to pay extra for doing it.

4. Flightfox:

business travel management tools

If you want to manage your all trips from one place then, Flightfox can be a very good option. Here you can arrange the best trip experience for your employees.

No more worries about the price of the trip. Flightfox will save you money by providing the minimum possible retail price. You will also get support from experts from five continents.

After booking, Flightfox will handle all your work. Contacts with airlines and hotels will be managed by it.

It provides a travel management system where you only need to register your team then, your team can give all work to Flightfox. It will handle all the work from booking to getting a wonderful travel experience.

You will get to see the reviews of many users who are happy with their service.

5. Brex:

business travel management tools

This business management tool will help you to organize all your business expenses in a smarter way. You can spend money smartly as well as track all your expenses.

In fact, you can get instant access to all your revenues. You can even send your money overseas for free. It provides a 100% free money transfer policy.

Brex will provide you all-in-one account where you don’t need to keep a minimum amount in the bank, no account fee, unlimited users and cards, live support, easy expense tracking, and so on.

Its premium version will provide you with easy bill pay, and spend control facilities. Furthermore, no fees will be applicable in these cases.

Eliminate all fees from your life with Brex and get live support for any kind of help. Earn and spend money smartly with Brex, which will reduce all unnecessary work.

6. atyourprice:

business travel management tools

If you are looking for a business travel solution for your travel company then, at your price is great software. Here you just need to register and book your trip that’s all.

Forget about the other work that you need to do. It will do the planning, approving, booking, invoicing, and reporting for you.

This software also provides you easy vendor and profile management system for managing local contracts and rates.

The most exciting part is you can save 22% of your expenses by using this software. This is a huge discount that will save lots of your money.

Besides, the live dashboard will help you to track all your expenses. You can use this travel management solution from any country in the world.

7. TravelSuit:


Want to save your time and increase your company’s visibility by using software? If it is yes, then here is a solution for you.

Use TravelSuit and make your dream true. TravelSuit will provide you with a business travel management service that will help you save time by reducing lots of your work.

At the same time, you can boost your visibility. Besides, it will provide you with a user-friendly platform that will ease the booking system.

It beats lots of business travel management companies by providing the service that you need badly for your travel agency.

You can even control and track the budget. You will get an impressive booking experience, flexibility, attractive prices with a lower commission, easy reporting, real-time support, and many more.

In fact, you can save 60% of your valuable time, and reduce your expense by 30%. Get the advice of experts for managing your travel company.

8. Travelstop:


Travelstop is a powerful platform by which you can manage all expenses, and save money as well as time. Arranging a travel program is now not a big deal with Travelstop.

In minutes you can set it up. You can also get the best option at the best price.

Cut the hassle of managing thousands of reports that will make your employee’s work easier than ever.

With Travelstop, you can build an effortless business management system for your employees. Moreover, you can get the best option from more than 800 airlines and 500000 hotels.

You don’t need to worry about time to choose the best service for your company. As it will suggest you and you can book it within a minute.

9. NexTravel:


You can save 30% of your company’s expenses with NexTravel. Even during booking, you can save up to 70% which is rather impressive and profitable.

Your employees can cancel the booking with one click. No hassle in canceling the booking. It will also manage your profile.

As a result, whenever you will need to know any information you can get it without facing any hassle.

You can even leave all expense reports behind. Further, you can set all the company’s policies within a few hours which can take months for not using this software.

NexTravel will satisfy your employees by providing an easy business management system that will reduce their thousands of work.


Now, you know about the best business travel management tools that can increase business growth and visibility.

Research about it and implement it into your business. So that, working in your company will be more satisfying for your employees.

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