WordPress is the user-friendly as well as most used content management system till now. So, the top best travel sites choose WordPress to make their sites. It is hard to find any website which doesn’t run by WordPress.

This blog will cover-

  • What big travel sites use WordPress?
  • And best themes for making sites like Airbnb, Expedia

What best travel sites use WordPress?

Tripadvisor.com: Best travel booking site.

It’s a travel booking company based in America. With this travel booking agency, users can reserve online hotels, transports, and can also gain travel experience. Moreover, users can get their service throughout the world. Users can also book hotels, flights, transport, vacation rental services online. more than 4194 employees work with tripadvisor.com to give excellent service to its users. By their services, hundreds of millions of travelers get their best trip experience from tripadvisor.com too.

PS I Am On My Way: Travel site for blogging.

Best travel sites

It’s a travel blog site of Trisha Velarmino. She encourages people to travel by her blog. Trisha also helps to know her followers about different cultures, food habits by that her followers can find out which country they should target for their travel spot. Furthermore, She provides information about visa guides, tips about traveling, food travel to her followers, and site visitors. As a result, 28529 followers on Facebook find guides from her blogs.

Migrationology: Best travel site that helps to know traveling experiences and food habit.

best travel sites

It’s a food travel blog site by that user can get to know about different cultures, their food habits, traveling experiences. Blogs are presented with photos that help to decide followers as well as site visitors which country they should travel, to collect their traveling experience. Moreover, 1.2 million followers on Instagram and 37k followers on Twitter find helpful contents from their blog that help them to decide their trips and also encourage them to be a future travel blogger.

Poor Traveler: Best travel sites for poor travelers.

best travel sites

Poor Traveler is a travel blog site that helps its visitor to travel all over the world. It also helps its visitors to not get scrammed and doesn’t make mistakes during traveling. Moreover, This site’s blogs provide trips to the followers that not only save them from wasting money on traveling but also help them to travel in less money. As a result, 777000 Facebook followers, 77000 Instagram followers, 11600 Youtube followers get help from Poor Traveler travel blogs.

Travels of Adam: Lifestyle travel site.

best travel sites

This travel site provides men’s lifestyle as well as hipster travel blogs to its readers. Adam is the owner of this site who shares his traveling experiences with his readers. Furthermore, he helps his reader by providing information about hotel bookings, foods, arts and museums, films, books, fashions, musics, and many more. That’s why 17758 followers on Facebook and 32379 followers on Pinterest get continuous help from his travel blog and guides.

Nomadic Matt: Cheap traveling idea provider site.

best travel sites

It’s a travel blog site of Nomadic Matt who helps his users to travel throughout the world for less money. He gives answers to the various questions of his site users too. Through his travel blogs, he also helps his 123k Instagram followers, 26838 Facebook followers, 21010 Pinterest followers how to find a traveling spot in less time as well as how to travel in less money.

Scandinavian Standard: Lifestyle travel site.

best travel sites

It’s a travel and lifestyle blog site that inspires its followers and readers to travel by providing blogs. From these blogs, readers also get to know about designs, fashions, travel experiences, foods, interiors, music, and much more staff and they also find the guide where they can find these staffs. Moreover, 39.8k followers on Instagram and 12793 followers on Facebook get help from these lifestyle blogs.

Mrs O Around The World: Luxury lifestyle travel blog.

best travel sites

Mrs. O Around The World is a luxury travel and lifestyle blog that launched in 2011. Furthermore, Mrs. O shares her travel knowledge with friends, family, and the users of the site that help them to guide in traveling. It also suggests the best place for shopping, traveling, and drinking to her 21629 Instagram followers, 28.9k Twitter followers.

Helen in Wonderlust: travel blog about Africa.

It’s an Africa travel blog as well as an adventure site where Helen shares her traveling adventures of Africa. That is very unique. Users also get to know about Africa and excitement creates in them to travel to Africa. Moreover, Her blogs provide guidelines for travel tips, accommodation, transport, visa budget guides, and much more staff in Africa.

Hand Luggage Only: Best travel blog site.

This site provides information about travels, foods, home inspirations. They also share travel advice, photography tips, inspirations, blogging tips, hacks, and many more by their blogs to their readers. As a result, 190k Facebook, 417k Pinterest, 115k Instagram, 25144 Twitter followers follow them to gain knowledge from their blog.

Be My Travel Muse:

Kristin Addis is the owner of this travel blog site who shares her traveling experiences, tips, guides with her readers. Moreover, she helps her site visitors to find adventure in life. Offers traveling advice for the girls like her that is quite unique too. Besides, this site has 30k Twitter, 56301 Facebook, 124k Instagram, 26366 Pinterest followers.

Urban Travel Blog:

This site offers a guide for urban adventures and city breaks. Duncan Rhodes also provides district guides, trends, adventures, nightlife, festivals, and much more information through his blogs that help 2658 Instagram, 6071 Facebook followers, and many readers.

The Blonde Abroad: Award-winning site.

It’s a travel blog of a female traveler who shares her traveling experiences with the visitors of the site. Moreover, this blog is an award-winning blog. 541.1k Instagram and 207248 Facebook followers find trip guides, packing guides for their traveling.

What is the best WordPress theme for the best travel sites?

WordPress themes are something that can change the full outlook of a site. Through WordPress themes, the site can be presented more attractively to its users too.

At the time of writing this blog, 8039 free WordPress themes are available for their users.

WP Travel provides lots of WordPress travel themes for travel blogs. Following themes are some best free WordPress travel blog themes:

Moreover, there are some paid WordPress travel themes that provides premium service to its users:

To learn more about WP Travel themes click 15+ best WordPress travel themes for your site.