As WP Travel plugin provides the feature regarding the Trip Duration, a validation option has also been added in WP Travel Pro plugin. When you click the Trip Duration option, the validation option will be available. Through this, you can add the start date and end date for the validation.

The validation option allows you to make the booking available for a certain period of time which you can set according to your choice.

For Example: If you have a Trip like trekking which will be only good during the spring season then the validation option will be suitable for you.

Now to add the validation to the trip first you have add the Trip Duration then you have to assign the Duration start date and the Duration end date.

Adding validation for the trip

Only the date between the duration can be selected and booked.

Similarly, in this way, you can add the tip with an offer that will only be valid for a week or month.

For more detail regarding date options, please refer to the official documentation.

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