There are many email tags available in the plugin which are listed below:

'{sitename}'               => Sitename
'{itinerary_link}' => Trip page link
'{itinerary_title}' => Trip title
'{booking_id}' => Booking ID
'{booking_edit_link}' => Booking editor link
'{booking_no_of_pax}' => Total number of pax
'{booking_scheduled_date}' => Booking schedule date
'{booking_arrival_date}' => Arrival date,
'{booking_departure_date}' => Departure date,
'{booking_selected_time}' => Trip time ( Utilities addon needed ),
'{booking_coupon_code}' => Trip Coupon code which has been used,'{customer_name}' => Name of customer,
'{customer_country}' => Customer Country,
'{customer_address}' => Customer Address,
'{customer_phone}' => Customer Phone no.,
'{customer_email}' => Customer Email,
'{customer_note}' => Customer Note,
'{bank_deposit_table}' => Bank Deposit table,