A travel site with a map is more appealing to customers than a travel site without a map. Besides, the top best travel sites include maps in their sites.

They do it effectively and efficiently with the best WordPress map plugins. So, it is important to include a map with your travel site.

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Trying out lots of map plugins can be confusing as well as frustrating. It will be easier for you if you get a shortlist of the best WordPress map plugins.

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Best Free WordPress Map plugin Features Include

There are lots of free WordPress google Map plugins are available on market. Some will be good for your travel site and some will be not.

A perfect WP google map plugin will provide your travel site a perfect map as well as an easy providing direction to your business store.

But, what features you should keep your eye on during choosing the best WordPress map plugin? No worries, Keep going. We will provide you that too.

You should consider the following features at the time of selecting the best free WordPress Google map plugins:

  • Standard geographical area presenting google Maps builder with lots of options and elements.
  • Google map plugin should provide a customization facility.
  • A map should be responsive on all devices.
  • It should provide quick as well as exact location searching options. As a result, your customer can find your store location in less time.
  • Map plugin should offer a quick translation option with that facility, any user can find a location without worrying about language.
  • Should provide direction as well as other information like store opening hours, contact numbers.
  • The best free WordPress Google Map plugin should come with store locator functionality.

8 Best WordPress Map Plugins For WordPress Free(2024)

WordPress map plugins

1.WP Google Maps: Most used WordPress map plugins.

WordPress map plugins

This WordPress Google map plugin is the user-friendly and highly customized map plugin of WordPress. Moreover, with this plugin, you can make a map with as many markers as you want.

You will also get great support from them via email if you face any problems.


  • It will show all WooCommerce products on your map.
  • You can add multiple pictures in one marker.
  • Video adding to the marker is also possible.
  • Provides unlimited map adding facilities.
  • Custom markers, fields, data source adding are also possible.
  • It will make your map mobile responsive.
  • Furthermore, you can add lots of waypoints to your direction.
  • It will provide your site user’s marker rating facility.
  • Besides, it will offer you 9 popular map themes.

2.Maps widget for google map: 2nd used WordPress map plugin

This free WordPress google map plugin can create a map with few clicks. It is a mobile responsive and user-friendly map.

It also helps to find and attract real-life visitors. Besides, it increases lead confidence by showing your physical presence.


  • It shows detailed information about your location like address, email, contact number, name, etc.
  • You can also use a side panel to list all your outlet addresses, numbers.
  • Can also add unlimited markers to your shops, offices, or other addresses.
  • Will provide the easiest way to reach the location.
  • This free WordPress map plugin is 100% responsive to any device.
  • You can also customize the color of the map.

3.MapPress Map for WordPress: 3rd used WordPress map plugin.

WordPress map plugins

It’s a free WordPress google map plugin through that unlimited maps and map marker can be created.

This wp google map plugin is a user-friendly plugin and easily customized plugin. It has both a free and premium version.


  • You can easily create and edit the map.
  • It can provide support to multiple sites.
  • Multiple maps can be created for a single page.
  • You can add a street view with your map so that your customers can easily find the location.
  • This free WordPress map plugin shows Real-time traffic.
  • You can easily customize your map and can add lots of markers with different addresses, places.

4.WordPress WP Store Locator:

WordPress map plugins

WP Store Locator is a powerful, user-friendly, customized, and free WordPress google map plugin. Moreover, the admin can set different languages through the admin panel.


  • Your customer can find your location in any country.
  • You can control an unlimited number of stores through this free WordPress map plugin.
  • This WP google map plugin will provide you map that is mobile responsive and translation ready.
  • Besides, it will provide you custom map styles.
  • For your map, it will provide you 9 retina-ready map markers too.
  • Distances are provided in kilometers or miles.
  • You can also add extra locations like phone numbers, email, store opening hours, etc.

5.Google Maps Easy:

WordPress map plugins

It’s a free WordPress google map plugin that helps to create within few minutes.
Moreover, it will provide you a beautiful map that helps your customers to find your location easily and shortest possible time.
Furthermore, you can add pictures with your map locations that help your customers more.


  • You can add an unlimited number of map locations and markers.
  • Can also add text, images, videos, an email with map markers.
  • Furthermore, it is responsive to any device and easily customizable.
  • This free WordPress google map can go with any theme.
  • It provides a social share option.
  • Besides it, will provide your customers all alternative routes to your location.

6.WordPress Interactive Geo Maps:

WordPress map plugins

Interactive Geo Maps is an easily customized, free google map plugin. Moreover, you can create a map that is responsive and easy to use.


  • You can customize the color of the markers as well as countries.
  • An unlimited number of maps can be created too.
  • This free WordPress google map plugin is responsive to any device.
  • Maps of 200 countries are available.
  • Your customers can also specify any region by including or excluding regions.
  • You can change how your map will look.

7.Google Maps CP:

This WordPress Google map provides a map with a wide range of setting that makes a map more attractive and easy to understand.

Besides, you can insert a Google Map in a post. Moreover, Google Maps CP is a free WordPress google map plugin.


  • It will provide you a large number of markers during making a map.
  • You can also insert maps in the most suitable position of your post.
  • Furthermore, can customize the markers of the map.
  • Your WP google map will be translation ready.
  • Extra information can also be added with the google map.


Mapplic is a multifunctional and easy customized free WordPress map plugin. Furthermore, with this plugin, the map will be more responsive to any device.

It will help you to provide a location in the shortest possible time.


  • This WordPress map plugin is a user-friendly plugin. You can easily use it with zero coding knowledge.
  • Mapplic will provide you 100% customization facility.
  • You can also find help from the support team for any problem.
  • It will help your visitors to find a location at the lowest possible time.

Will lots of plugins slow down your WordPress travel site?

Yes, lots of plugins can make your travel site slow. So, it is wise to choose a great plugin that will provide lots of functionality to your site. It is wise to avoid a single plugin that will provide you with a single feature.


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