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WordPress popup plugins have a great impact on increasing the conversion rate of the site. A right popup plugin can do even more than this.

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Your low sales, customer engagements, subscriber lists, and conversion all these issues can be solved with the right popup plugin. Here, you will get to know the 10 best popup plugins for your website.

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Why do you need to use a WordPress popup plugin?

A WordPress popup plugin helps you to increase your subscribers and convert them into your customers.

This is the main purpose of using a WordPress popup plugin. But, why use it if you can have a default popup from email marketing? If you have this question on your mind then here is the answer for you:

Yes, it provides default popups but it is not attractive and appealing. I am afraid that you can get any benefit from these popups.

You need to draw your customer’s attention and make them your subscriber. For that, you will need a popup plugin that can help you to create an attractive popup.

Now when agree to use the best WordPress popup plugin, it is essential for you to know how to select the best popup plugin.

Now, this leads to your next question, what to consider before choosing the best WordPress popup plugin?

What you should look at before choosing the best WordPress popup plugin?

Before doing something perfectly, you need to know how to do it perfectly. Same as before choosing the best WordPress popup plugin, you need to know the features of the best popup plugins.

Here are the features of the best WordPress popup plugins:

  • The Best popup plugin should offer you lots of attractive popup templates.
  • Should integrate with your email marketing for high conversion.
  • The Popup plugin should be user-friendly.
  • An easily customizable plugin that offers drag and drop builder.
  • Should offer different campaign types
  • The plugin should offer support for any issue.

If your popup plugin has all the above facilities then, you can call that the best popup plugin. Be more selective before choosing your plugin.

An average popup plugin can make your site speed slow. And you know what a miserable situation can a slow loading speed creates a low loading speed means low opportunity.

So, choose your popup plugin wisely, as it can bring success or bring disaster.

10 Best WordPress Popup Plugins in 2024(Reviewed)

1. Ninja Popups:

best WordPress popup plugins

Want to increase your conversion rate through the best popup plugin? Then, Ninja Popups can be a perfect choice.

As it is the best popup builder that will provide you with professional popup templates for your email marketing.

It can increase your conversion rate through increasing subscribers, offering discounts, and social sharing.

Ninja Popups is perfectly compatible with MailChimp, GetResponse, InfusionSoft, JetPack, ConvertKit, and so on.

As a result, you can integrate with all the renowned mailing systems. Ninja Popups is a paid WordPress popup maker.

2. OptinMonster:

best WordPress popup plugins

It is the best and most used WordPress popup plugin that is appreciated by 12,13,437+ websites. This plugin can convert your traffic into leads, sales, and subscribers.

You can get more than 97 pre-made templates that you can customize easily with the drag-and-drop builder. A single line of coding will be unnecessary during customizing these templates.

Besides, this plugin will help you to show popups to the right people at the right time. Increasing your site’s conversion rate will not be a big deal with this plugin.

Moreover, you can take your traffic to the most important page of your site which will help you to increase your conversion rate.

Visitors will not leave your site as you can give them the best offer they are looking for.

3. Bloom:

best WordPress popup plugins

Converting your website visitors into your loyal customers is now a cup of tea. All credit goes to Bloom who makes it possible.

Bloom offers 100 elegant pre-made templates that you can customize as you desire. You can also draw the attention of your visitors with 6 different display types of the popup.

Automatic-Opt-In Pop-Up, Automatic Opt-In Fly-Ins, Below Content Opt-In Forms, In-line Opt-In Forms, Widget Area Opt-In Forms, and Require Opt-In To Unlock Content are the popup display types.

It also offers 19 email marketing integrations. These popups are device-responsive, and easily customizable. Furthermore, you can increase your conversion rate with A/B testing.

4. Elementor Pro:

best WordPress popup plugins

It is the best website builder as well as a popup builder. With this popup builder, you can create any kind of popup you need.

This helps you to create excellent login forms, welcome popups, and promotional popups that will transfer your visitors into leads and regular customers.

Elementor Pro will reduce the leaving tendency of your visitors. Make an announcement in the best way possible with Elementor Pro.

The best feature of the Elementor Pro is you can create the most eye-catching and pixel-perfect popups with this plugin. Along with 100+ popup templates will let you create the most perfect popups for your site.

5. ShopLentor:

Popup Builder is a comprehensive module within ShopLentor (formerly known as WooLentor) that facilitates the creation of dynamic and captivating popups for your WooCommerce site.

Utilizing the Popup Builder module enables you to capture your visitors’ interest effectively and enhance user interaction, thereby improving conversion rates.

Enhance your audience’s engagement with customized popup display controls! Customize your pop-ups for visual excellence and captivate your viewers like never before.

It provides a user-friendly platform for designing popups ideal for various applications such as promotions, lead capture, and engaging site visitors with targeted content.

It offers detailed control over conditions, triggers, and settings. You can specify the timing and placement of these popups with precision.

This precision ensures they effectively engage your audience at the right moments.

6. TrustPulse:

best WordPress popup plugins

Using a popup plugin that can increase your sales by up to 15% is really mind-blowing. You are not daydreaming.

TrustPulse will help you to increase your conversion rate by up to 15%. With this plugin, you can show your customer’s activity to other customers.

Besides, you can target your customers efficiently. Flexible design without any coding is possible with TrustPulse.

About 90% of the visitors leave your website without making a purchase. You can reduce these percentages by showcasing customer activity on your site to other visitors.

People prefer to do something when they get a review. This will help to create trust in your customer’s mind and take your site’s conversion rate to another level.

7. Sumo:


Looking for the best free WordPress popup plugin that can boost your conversion rate? Then, sumo can be a very good option for you as you can use it for free initially.

After increasing your customers, pay if you want to boost it even more. Sumo will increase your subscriber, sale, conversion rate at the same time.

This popup plugin easily integrates with WooCommerce and creates the best offers and discounts for your customers.

It is rare to get support from the free plugin. But, Sumo will provide you with help if you face any difficulties. It offers an easy share option with the post. Because of it, your customers can easily share your content.

8. Popup Maker:

Popup maker

Popup Maker is another free popup plugin of WordPress that provides the highest opportunity to boost your conversion rate through popups, slide-ins, and banners.

With this popup plugin, you can create email opt-in, lead gen, content update, contract form popups, and many more popups.

Moreover, you can open these popups in different ways that will be more appealing to your customers.

Furthermore, Popup Maker is super compatible with the most popular form plugins. This popup plugin is trusted by more than 600000 active users. Its premium features offer many facilities that will enhance your conversion.

9. ConvertPlus:


The best mobile responsive WordPress popup plugin will let you increase your sales with the best-customized templates.

it is the easiest popup plugin that will assist you in building an email list, offering discounts, increasing social followers, promoting videos, and so on.

With 100 pre-made customized templates, this popup plugin will boost your sales.

ConvertPlus is highly compatible with all popular marketing platforms. You will get all the stuff in this plugin that will increase your conversion.

Converting your leaving visitors into your loyal customers is the main goal of ConvertPlus.

10. Icegram:


Increasing your subscribers, driving your traffic, and converting visitors are now a matter of time with Icegram.

Within minutes, you can set up your popups and get the results that you are dreaming of. Icegram offers an unlimited number of popups with an easy customize option.

You can set your popup in multiple positions on your website.

Icegram offers twelve different types of options and you can track the results of these options. Increasing the conversion rate is not a difficult task with 20 different customized templates.

11. OptiMonk:


Want to reduce your cart abandonment rate by 16 %? Wish to receive 300 responses in just a single week? Then, OptiMonk is the plugin by which you can do all these things.

This plugin provides a smarter way to boost conversion by giving a delightful shopping experience to the customers.

This popup plugin will convert your visitors into customers and your 1st customer into your regular customer.

With this plugin, you can help your customers to choose the right products for them. This offers 200 pre-made templates that you can customize within seconds.

More than people from 150+ countries trust OptiMonk to increase their conversion rate.


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