How to create a website like Airbnb With WordPress

Are you chasing a dream to create a website like Airbnb? Then this blog might help you to accomplish your dream. In this era of technology and competition, everybody wants to reach the top position in their business. So, It will be impossible for you to create a website like Airbnb if you don’t follow the right method and strategy. Table of content What you can understand by a website like Airbnb? Essential features to create a website like Airbnb. Share your company’s story. Showcase trip packages. Include online booking and reservation. Provide an online payment facility. Include company’s information.… Read More »

7 best WordPress plugins for tourism business

There are hardly any people who don’t like to travel. People always want to escape from their busy routine schedule to travel around the world. With the increase of popularity of traveling, success in traveling business increases as well as competition. By the end of 2020, 817 billion US dollar has earned through traveling. Moreover, every year 148.3 million travel bookings are done. In addition to this most of these bookings are done on the famous travel booking site. By using appropriate WordPress plugins as well as themes for your tourism business, you can make a travel booking site that… Read More »

How to add different payment systems to travel website

Now travelers show keenness to do all trip booking online. You can hardly find any people who prefer offline trip booking. For online booking, you have to add different payment systems to your travel website. Without payment systems, your customers will not able to complete the booking. You can feel the necessity of it, right? Don’t feel too much pressure. We are here to help you out by providing you this blog. In this blog, you will get to know- Why different payment systems are necessary for your travel website? Which plugin can provide you best facility? And how to… Read More »

How to add an automatic currency converter in WordPress

Adding an automatic currency converter in WordPress will always help your visitors to know the prices of your products or services in their preferable currencies. As a result, it can make your site easy assessable to your visitors. This article will help you to know how to add an automatic currency converter in WordPress by following few easy steps. what sites of yours need an automatic currency converter in WordPress? If your website deals with international customers and sells products to them. Then your website needs an automatic currency converter to ease your customer’s work to convert currency. Moreover, there… Read More »

WordPress widgets tutorial: All in one guide

Do you want to add WordPress widgets to your site that can help your website visitors or users? Then, go through this article. It will provide you all information that you will need to add widgets to your site. What is a WordPress widget? And why you need it? WordPress widgets are customization layout option which let you add features as well as functions to various location of your website. You can also place calendar, text, photo, menu, etc. on your website by widget. Moreover, widgets provide a way that lets you design your website as well as control your… Read More »

12+ best travel sites developed with WordPress

WordPress is the user-friendly as well as most used content management system till now. So, the top best travel sites choose WordPress to make their sites. It is hard to find any website which doesn’t run by WordPress. This blog will cover- What big travel sites use WordPress? And best themes for making sites like Airbnb, Expedia What best travel sites use WordPress? Best travel booking site. It’s a travel booking company based in America. With this travel booking agency, users can reserve online hotels, transports, and can also gain travel experience. Moreover, users can get their service throughout… Read More »

How to Backup Your WordPress Site for Free

WordPress provides solutions to all your problems that you will face during creating and operating a site. You will get helpful backup solutions for your WordPress site too. Your site’s security and backup is a major issue that you need to focus on. WordPress provides different backup solutions but we will talk about the best free WordPress backup plugins here. Backup your WordPress site with plugins Backing up your website is an important step you could go for, you never know when things could go wrong. Whenever you install a new plugin or input a new code your website may… Read More »

How to add a search bar in WordPress site Within 5 minutes

Adding a search bar to a WordPress site is very important. It helps your website visitors to find their required information on your website within a few seconds. Some of the WordPress themes generally provide a default search bar. But there are many that don’t have this default search bar option. In that case, WordPress provides you customization facility for adding your search bar. You can easily add a search bar to a specific page. Not only adding it but also you can change the search bar in WordPress! In this article, we will let you know how to add… Read More »

Display Currency Name Instead of Symbol

Using only currency symbols in expressing currency for your trips can cause confusion. Your users can get confused about what country currency you are preferring. So, it is important to display currency names instead of symbols. For example, If you give a dollar symbol in front of your trip currency. Then, your users will not get which country currency you are indicating. It is better for your site if you provide information easily to your customers. Moreover, the more confusion you will provide there will be the fewer chances that your trip will get sold. After all these, you must… Read More »

How to remove Billing Details from the checkout page

Billing details in the checkout section can be useful. But you won’t like it for every single product. Like if you are selling virtual products. It will add more hassle. So, it is recommendable to remove billing details from your checkout page when you are selling virtual products to your customers. For WooCommerce you need to Download the checkout field editor or other plugins for removing the address, company name, or billing details from checkout. Luckily, with WP travel you can remove it by adding a code snippet in the functions.php file. In this blog, we will let you know… Read More »

How to add WordPress custom user roles to your site

WordPress custom user roles

WordPress is the largest CMS and provides lots of facilities to its users. Moreover, the WordPress custom user roles facility eases the work by distributing the Work of the site. Basically, WordPress provides five default user roles to you. Each role has different capabilities. What about if you want to give access to the roles that these users don’t have. In that case, you need to add custom user roles on your WordPress site. WordPress can create a user with roles that default users don’t have. This article will let you know how to add custom user roles on your… Read More »

How to send Booking Emails to multiple recipients

During running a travel booking site or any other type of site, you have to send booking or other emails to multiple recipients. Moreover, it is tough to send an email individually. That’s why the plugin that you decide to use for your WordPress travel site should have this facility. Luckily, WP travel pro will provide this facility to you. It will reduce additional work that you will face at the time of sending emails to multiple recipients. In this blog, we will let you know – How you can send booking emails to multiple recipients? Sending booking emails to… Read More »

Rename Trip Extras on the single trip page

Trip extras are an important module for any travel booking site. There are lots of extra services that you would like to provide to your customers for attractive service offerings. Luckily, you can do it with trip extras. Like, adding an extra flight, insurance, vehicle service, or any other custom services that you would like to offer. Ever thought how to rename trip extras on your trip page? Luckily, WP Travel pro lets you rename trip extras on your single trip page. It also provides the best WordPress tour booking plugin for a travel agency and different WordPress travel booking… Read More »

Debugging WordPress: 10 Powerful Tips And Techniques

So, you have developed or upgraded your WordPress website. However, all your hard work and efforts will be in vain if its remains buggy or you were unable to handle it! Luckily, there are many tips available for debugging WordPress out there that might solve your problem. How about we give a list of those tips to you so that you can immediately solve issues regarding your site with debugging. In this article, we are going to provide you with 10 such powerful tips. Furthermore Debugging WordPress will become easier for you after going through this. Tips and techniques for… Read More »

How to make a free WordPress website in 7 easy steps

How to make a free WordPress website in 7 easy steps

If you want to make a free WordPress website for business or other purposes, but don’t know how to make one then you can go through this blog. Hope it will help you.Here is a step-by-step guideline to make a website with WordPress which will help you to make your one. What are the steps to make a free WordPress website? 1st step: Domain & Hosting Buying a domain name as well as hosting is the 1st step of creating a WordPress website. Moreover, there are lots of hosting companies From where you can buy your domain name and hosting… Read More »

WP Travel Pro Plugin – version 3.2.0 Release Note

WP Travel Pro version 3.2.0 is now available for update. This version of WP Travel Pro has come with enhancement regarding displaying seats left for booking of trip while using inventory option. Change Log: Enhancement: Seats left displayed as per inventory. If you spot any issue or face any difficulty with the plugin, feel free to write back to us in our official support forum.

WP Travel Plugin- version 4.4.6 Release Note

WP Travel version 4.4.6 is now available for update. This version of WP Travel plugin has come with enhancement regarding displaying Pax info on Pax selector section. Change Log: Enhancement: Added Pax information on frontend Pax selector. This feature is currently not supported for trip time feature. If you spot any issue or face any difficulty with the plugin, feel free to write back to us in our official support forum.

15+ best WordPress travel themes for your site

Best WordPress Travel Themes

With the increasing competition in the travel market, you need to make your travel site more cautiously. Moreover, you need to choose the best WordPress travel themes for your site. The travel business is one of the biggest markets throughout the world. In 2019, tourism contributes 2.9 trillion US dollars to global GDP. Also, 2.6% of growth is achieved in the business market from travelling. Competition in this business is also growing because of increasing growth. So, it’s important to grab your customer’s attention through strategy. Your site’s theme will play one of the biggest roles in it. In this… Read More »

Check Plugin Conflicts in WordPress

Plugin conflicts is one of the most popular WordPress bugs you might have experienced. Plugins are fragments of code that WordPress attaches to certain functions or enhances performance. In the case that coding doesn’t contain any bugs, there could be a big plugin dispute that may lead to uncertain behavior of the site. To find out source of plugin conflicts, please follow below given steps. 1. Login into your WordPress After Logging into your WordPress, you are directed to your Dashboard. 2. Add plugin Please add plugin by following the path Admin Panel > Plugin > Add New as shown… Read More »

9 best popular CMS software in 2021 compared

Most popular CMS tools

There are lots of popular CMS out there but you will get confused when deciding which will be the best one for website development. Choosing a proper CMS can make your website making easy and flexible. That’s why it needs to be done carefully. Here we are to remove the confusion that you are facing. After reading this blog, you will know which will be the best CMS for your enterprise. What is CMS software? A content management system is a software that helps you to manage content and easily make the website. You don’t need to learn to code… Read More »