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How to add a new currency in the currencies list option ?

There is a list of currency type along with there symbol which you can choose according to the currency type of your need.  Apart from the existing list, you can also add a currency type and symbol if you want the one which is not listed prior. To add the currency of your need, you have to go through the child theme. To know more about the child theme, please refer to the below-given link : Child Theme After creating and activating the child theme, refer below-given code, add the details of the currency and finally add the code to… Read More »

1.7.2 Update – Date-picker issue

If you are having an issue with the date picker after the release of the version 1.7.2  of  WP Travel , there might be a possibility that the issue is caused by your server cache. With the version 1.7.2 of the WP Travel, we have made some changes in the “js”. So, the js needs to be updated but in case of obtaining the error even after updating WP Travel, you need to check your cache. So in order to resolve the issue , you neer clear the server cache .        

License terms and subscriptions

All of our premium addons come with the initial 1 year of Subscription i.e. you can download the updates till 1 year of purchase date. But after one year, you will need to renew your subscription in order to continue downloading updates. For the renewing process, you have to simply buy the new product(addon) and use the license that you get from the new purchase. But this subscription has nothing to do with the usages of the addons to your site. You can use it in your site as long as you want it without renewing your subscription. The only… Read More »

Change default country in the Booking form

If you want to change the default country displayed on the booking form then you can do so using the child theme.

To know how to create and activate the child theme please refer to below given link:

Change currency format

If  you wanted to change the display pattern of the currency in the single trip  pages then you can do so by activating the child theme.

Please refer to below given link to know how you can create and activate the child theme.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘.’, expecting ‘,’ or ‘;’ ….. in inc/coupon/inc/admin/class-admin-metaboxes.php on line 23

If you are getting the Parse  Error with the WP Travel Plugin in the file mentioned above in the title then the issue is most likely due to lower PHP version.  It may be actually an incompatibility with PHP version 5.5, in your web server. PHP stopped support for 5.5 in July 2016 and strongly recommend that it is not used due to security vulnerabilities – see here Further, WordPress Requirements also recommends that the WordPress system config should be PHP version 7.2 or greater which can read more about that here So is case of such issue, it is strongly… Read More »

WP Travel 1.4.7 Release Note

WP Travel new version 1.4.7 now available for download. You can download it from or as an automatic update in your WordPress administration panel. Download If you spot any issues, please report them to us in detail on our support page so that our development team can fix it soon possible. WP Travel version (1.4.7) is released with the minor bug fixing from version 1.4.6. Additionally, the new version of the addon WP Travel Utilities has been released so we have worked on the compatibility support for the addon as well in this version. What’s new in version 1.4.7? Enhancements / Feature :… Read More »

WP Travel email not functioning

While using WP Travel plugin, you may sometime face a problem where booking emails and contact form details may not be sent to the user. One reason for this could be that a mail() function may not have been working because your host provider may have disabled mail() function.  So here are the thing you can do. At first, you have to make sure your host has enabled the PHP mail functions. Secondly, you can try using the plugin like given below for the mail to function. If the issue persists then kindly contact to your server host and figure out the… Read More »

What is the default page for WP Travel all archive-trips?

This post is specially created to make you clear about the trips archive page. By default, the trip archive page is “itinerary” and URL structure is as given below: But in case if you wish to change the slug other than  “itinerary“,  you can do so from the permalink setting. To know how you can change the slug please refer to below given link: How to change the URL for the trips archive page?

How to change the URL for the trips archive page?

If you wanted to change the URL structure for the trips archive page other than “/itinerary” then you can do so from the permalink setting. For this just go to Admin Panel > Settings > Permalinks and change the slug as per your requirement in the filed “Trip base“.  

How to create a child theme?

Creating the child theme is an easy process. You can create and activate the child theme in two different ways. First method: You can create and activate the child theme manually. To create the child theme manually please follow below given steps: Step 1: Go to your /wp-content/themes/ and create a folder for your new child theme. You may name it anything you’d like. For example, If you want to create the child theme of Travel Log, name it as travel-log-child. Step 2: Create a stylesheet file within the child theme folder. This must be named style.css. Copy and paste the… Read More »

How to create and use trip facts?

Trips Facts is a newly added feature in WP Travel plugin with version (1.3.2). If you are wondering about the process of using this feature then please go through the instruction mentioned below. You can enable the trip facts by going to Admin Pane -> Trips -> Settings -> Facts. How to add new trip facts? In order to add new trip facts, the user just needs to click on ” Add new” buttons. Clicking on the “Add new” button will make the filed appear where you need to enter the field name, select field Type and enter icon classes. Available Options: Field… Read More »

Override the templates available within the plugin

If you are not quite satisfied with the existing WP Travel plugin then the developer of the plugin has provided few template file that you can override as per your requirement. Here are the steps that you can follow to override the template file of the plugin. Step 1: Create the child theme of your current theme. Step 2: Create the folder “wp-travel” in the child theme. Step 3: Create the file within the folder “wp-travel” with the same name that you want to override. Step 4: Finally you can override the file as per your requirement. Note: The path that you need to follow to… Read More »

Change the default trip code

To change the default trip code that is generated by the plugin you can use the  filter given below: wp_travel_trip_code To execute this you need to activate the child theme. You can create the child theme manually or simply create the child theme using the plugin given below: WP Child Theme Generator After activating the child theme in your child theme functions.php add below given code. function wp_travel_child_change_trip_code( $trip_code, $post_id ){ return ‘YOUR TRIP CODE – ‘. $post_id; } add_filter(‘wp_travel_trip_code’,’wp_travel_child_change_trip_code’, 10, 2); Here replace ‘YOUR TRIP CODE” with your tripcode. Each trip will have the unique id behind but will have the same code that you enter here.