WP Travel Changelog

This page lists the change log of the WP Travel Plugin.

= 3.2.5 =
Release Date: 25th May, 2020

Plugin Name changed to WP Travel – Best Travel Booking WordPress Plugin, Tour Management Engine.

Fixed :

  • Fixed Book Now redirect to homepage issue.


  • Upgrade notice enhanced for major release.

= 3.2.4 =
Release Date: 12th May, 2020

Fixed :

  • Field editor requird field fixed. Email field is required for all travelers even not checked as required for all.
  • Trip data messed up while saving from Elementor blocks fixed.

= 3.2.3 =
Release Date: 28th April, 2020

Fixed :

  • Trip Filter range not working in search widget.

Enhancement :

  • Filter wp_travel_currency_symbol added in wp_travel_get_currency_symbol function.

= 3.2.2 =
Release Date: 20th April, 2020

Fixed :

  • Shortcode WP_TRAVEL_ITINERARIES is not displaying fixed departure date.

Enhancement :

  • Trip list by trip activity added in shortcode WP_TRAVEL_ITINERARIES.

= 3.2.1 =
Release Date: 16th April, 2020
Fixed :

  • Post type payment hide for user.

Enhancement :

  • Sort by trip date added in shortcode WP_TRAVEL_ITINERARIES.

= 3.2.0 =
Release Date: 6th April, 2020
Enhancement :

  • Supported WP Travel Gutenberg Elementor Blocks feature.
  • Supported WP Travel Saferpay Checkout.

= 3.1.9 =
Release Date: 2nd April, 2020
Fixes :

  • Theme page URL fixed in the readme file.
  • String Select Pax text is updated with filter.
  • Compatibility update with WordPress 5.4

= 3.1.8 =
Release Date: 26th March, 2020
Enhancement :

  • WPML Compatibility with WP Travel pages.

= 3.1.7 =
Release Date: 16th March, 2020
Enhancement :

  • New library assets added.

Fixes :

  • Keyword Search Fix.
  • Cart Checkout Page Multilingual issue Fix.

= 3.1.6 =
Release Date: 22nd January, 2020
Enhancement :

  • Support for WP Travel Invoice.

= 3.1.5 =
Release Date: 2nd January, 2020
Enhancement :

  • Added filter by trip date. Ascending / Descending options are in the trip archive page to sort by trip date.

Fixes :

  • Invalid arrival date format in booking and payment emails.

= 3.1.4 =
Release Date: 26th December, 2019
Fixes :

  • Transient replaced with post meta for booking count in trip.
  • Added CSS class in helper function ‘wp_travel_get_trip_duration’.
  • Translation string fixes in the cart empty message.
  • Settings to update Number of decimal for the price.

= 3.1.3 =
Release Date: 16th December, 2019
Fixes :

  • Fixed special character issue with add to cart. Previously when we use a special character in the pricing name. then the trip is not able to add to the cart.
  • Fixed the min price is not able to set as 0.
  • Minor layout issue fixes.
  • Fixes: Some string translation fixes.
  • Fixes: Custom label value as static custom text changed to related custom label text.

Enhancement :

  • Compatibility for trip time added under date.

= 3.1.2 =
Release Date: 3rd December, 2019
Fixes :

  • Fixed custom label not being saved in pricing category type.
  • Pax Picker layout fixes with responsive.
  • Minor issue fixing.

= 3.1.1 =
Release Date: 29th November, 2019
Fixes :

  • Broken link on Black Friday.
  • Removed menu split pointer/notice for new user.
  • Single pricing deprecated Notice added.
  • Frontend Trip minor layout fixes.

= 3.1.0 =
Release Date: 27th November, 2019
Fixes :

  • Divi Theme compatibility added.
  • String translation issue fixed.
  • Undefined index fixed.
  • Minor fixes.

= 3.0.9 =
Release Date: 19th November, 2019
Fixes :

  • Single Pricing Calculation.
  • Minor fixes.

= 3.0.8 =
Release Date: 25th October, 2019
Fixes :

  • Pax Selector Issue.

= 3.0.7 =
Release Date: 18th October, 2019

Enhancement :

  • Trip Fact enhanced. Now update in trip fact from settings will also be render in trip.
  • Enhancement : Trip fact options are editable for single select and multiple select.
  • Booking Status Refund added to update booking status to refund manually.


  • Price Per Field empty issue.
  • Minor Translation issue fixes on the price per category text. like: adult, child, etc.
  • In Bank Deposit settings, the last detail/bank field can not be removed in the admin settings.
  • Travel Date is not displaying in case of Trip Duration.

Deprecated :

  • Function ‘wp_travel_get_pricing_name_by_key’ is deprecated use ‘wp_travel_get_pricing_category_by_key’ instead.

= 3.0.6 =
Release Date: 12th October, 2019

  • Fixes: Used minified styles and scripts.
  • Fixes: Checkout page form filed layout issue with accordion.
  • Fixes: Made Per person and pricing category text translation ready.
  • Fixes: View Gallery link on the thumbnail is not displaying if advanced gallery is used.

= 3.0.5 =
Release Date: 3rd October, 2019

  • Fixes: Book Now buttons hidden conflict with bootstrap accordion on the checkout page.
  • Fixes: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in helpers-price.php in case of no pricing option added in admin Dates and Price Tab.
  • Fixes: Added a separate class for each form field in the Enquiry form so that it would be easy to give the precise fix.
  • Fixes: Pax Picker input field layout issue in Firefox.

= 3.0.4 =
Release Date: 2nd October, 2019

  • Fixes: Partial Price on trip is not displaying in the checkout page mini cart section.
  • Fixes: Undefined variable: pricing_options in helpers-price.php
  • Fixes: Minor layout issue with Pax Picker and mapquest. Pax Picker fields are stacked under the map.
  • Fixes: Admin Trip Price initial letter is hidden under currency. The issue occurs only with double letter currency.
  • Fixes: Pricing issue related to Standard PayPal is fixed. In the case of multiple pricing, price in the cart and the PayPal Payment Price is different.
  • Fixes: Pricing issue in cart page in case of single pricing is fixed.

= 3.0.3 =
Release Date: 23rd September, 2019

  • Fixes: Undefined index if PAX limit reached. If Inventory is on and booked all available PAX, then undefined index $min and $max is showing in log.
  • Fixes: Displayed group size value in the featured section of single trip page.
  • Fixes: Booking can be made even selected pax is less than min pax in Fixed departure listing.


  • Support for multiple currency symbols. It will enable Multiple currencies for all of your trips. For this, You need to WP Travel Pro with multiple Currency enabled.

= 3.0.2 =
Release Date: 20th September, 2019

  • Fixes: Shows No Size limit when No max-limit.
  • Fixes: Single Pricing Date Selector fixes for duration option.

= 3.0.1 =
Release Date: 18th September, 2019

  • Fixes: Notice: Undefined variable: pricing_option on helpers file.
  • Fixes: Min-max pax is no-more required on pricing category.

= 3.0.0 =
Release Date: 11th September, 2019


  • Multiple Pricing Category support in a pricing option. Now, you can assign multiple categories like Child, adult in a pricing option. You have to select multiple pricing for this feature with WP Travel Utilities enabled.
  • Pricing layout updated to select pax and price in the trip single page. Now it uses pax picker dropdown to select pax as per pricing category.
  • Meta Structure update for the trip to support Multiple Category on every pricing option.
  • Removed Single Pricing option for New User since WP Travel 3.0.0. Old WP Travel User still have access to use a single pricing option.
  • Added currency symbol of Armenian Dram (AMD).


  • Displaying sale price even pricing has no sale price in case of multiple pricing. When getting min pricing and the min pricing doesn’t have any sale price but any of the prices have sale price then the current min price is also treated like it has sale price and displaying sale value same as price value.

= 2.1.1 =
Release Date: 3rd September, 2019


  • Bank Deposite is not being disabled from the settings.
  • Bank Deposite responsive issue on WP Travel Dashboard page.
  • Shortcode WP_TRAVEL_ITINERARIES attributes are not working.
  • Displaying old fixed departue in the featured section.
  • CSS conflict with wp-picker input field.
  • Cart page empty pax and PHP warning fixed.

= 2.1.0 =
Release Date: 19th August, 2019


  • Fixes issue with Field Editor conflict. It is throwing issue while adding the field editor checkbox in the billing field.
  • Fixes Enquiry button is also turned off when the booking tab is turned off.
  • Fixes Special character issue in pricing option. When added the “()” in the pricing name in the pricing name field, “Book Now” button does not work.

= 2.0.9 =
Release Date: 17th July, 2019


  • Booking Tab Label strings translation issue on 2.0.8.
  • Pax validation message translation ready.
  • Datepicker input field conflict with ninja form. Previously, it is hiding date picker of ninja form.
  • Checkbox layout issue fixed on admin enquires.
  • Minor PHP Warning. Undefined index pricing_options.

= 2.0.8 =
Release Date: 8th July, 2019


  • Frontend Trip data enhancement and optimized. Single source is used to fetch trip data in single, multiple pricing and fixed departure listing.


  • Departure Date is added in email and thankyou page for multiple pricing trips.
  • Group size field added on fixed departure listing.
  • Pricing name issue with “/” character. If this character is used in multiple pricing, then it is ubable to add this trip in cart.
  • Global FAQ Can’t be empty issue.

= 2.0.7=
Release Date: 28th June, 2019


  • Enhancement of same scripts are enqueue from multiple addons. Now all scripts are registered in WP Travel and used handler to enqueue.


  • In an admin trip section, Partial payment section is displaying even it is disabled from settings.
  • Group size of multiple pricing is displayed in the featured section. Previously group size value is displaying from single pricing option though pricing option set as multiple pricing options.
  • FAQs are not being correctly saved on admin trips page. If global FAQs are enabled by WP Travel Utilities plugin and added global FAQ in first and then deactivate utilities. This will not save FAQ correctly.
  • Fixed settings fields data are lost if addons disabled. It will not save settings of disabled addons if we update settings after disabling addons from addons settings.
  • Trip FAQ accordion conflict with Trip Facts.


  • Trip code on frontend tabs optimized.

= 2.0.6=
Release Date: 18th June, 2019


  • Checkout form field sorting. Previously need to sort again while using filter to sort checkout form field.
  • Gallery enhancement for the advanced gallery.
  • Supports for Global faq with individual trip Faq if Utilities is activated.


  • Pricing name causing add to cart empty issue.
  • Minor issue fixing in tabs. Invalid argument supplied for foreach issue.

= 2.0.5=
Release Date: 12th June, 2019


  • Added Multiple pricing available dates in trip and related trip page.
  • Function wp_travel_get_min_price_key enhanced. Now only trip id param is used to return min price key.
  • Hook added to hide price per text in Trip page, related trip section and trip archive page.


  • Trip offer not working for multiple pricing option.
  • Bank Deposit not working in wp travel dashboard.
  • Fixed available date shows N/A in case of multiple date.

= 2.0.4=
Release Date: 9th June, 2019


  • WPML Translation support for email contents.
  • Old hooks deprecated.
  • Tab enhancement and issue fixes for not able to modify callback tab function using a filter.
  • Admin Email Settings tab open all and close all not working.
  • Missing tab icon on edit coupon page.

= 2.0.3 =
Release Date: 2nd June, 2019


  • Filter added to customize trip enquiry label on price unavailable label.
  • Added partial payment support for trip extra items price.


  • Hide upsell message for trip extras. It is displaying in pricing option even pro is activated.
  • Price per text translation issue fixes.
  • Pricing options custom pricing label translation issue fixes.
  • Fixes for group discount ajax response price.
  • Map spacing issue if No map location is not set.
  • Per group price fixes on cart page.
  • Minor layout issue fixes.

= 2.0.2 =
Release Date: 27th May, 2019


  • Added Multisite License compatibility. Now One single license is valid for all subsites using network activate the plugin and activate a license on a network. This will work for all subsites.
  • WPML compatibility added for settings strings.
  • Open All and Close All travelers info added in checkout page.
  • Filter added to change admin booking submenu positions.


  • Cart empty issue. For some user there are cart empty issue due to db user privilege.
  • Pricing option label issue with other than english language. Previously if pricing option name is set with different language, then inventory options is not functioning and also price is not rendering correctly.
  • Removed Trip default option from Price per field of multiple pricing.
  • Price 0 for single pricing option and always fetching sale price for single pricing option.
  • Price per text in the top of trip page only shows from single trip though trip have multiple pricing option selected.

= 2.0.1 =
Release Date: 19th May, 2019


  • Currency Position added for price.


  • Show / Hide Bank Detail on checkout page. Displaying Bank Detail field on payment mode change.
  • Fixed trip date is not being able to add from admin when adding new booking.
  • Console error fixes in field editor.
  • Payment status wating for voucher on booking only.
  • Review reply link not working is fixed.
  • Offer sign not showing for multiple pricing.
  • Coupon tab multiple icon on tab label.
  • WP Travel Notice label text updated.
  • Minor layout issue fixes for admin settings.

= 2.0.0 =
Release Date: 14th May, 2019


  • Payment addons sortable. Made all payment addons sortable to change position of payment methods in checkout and admin settings page.
  • Admin layout and tabs update. New admin layout implemented as well as tabs and layouts in admin pages.
  • Bank deposit feature. Added new feature as Bank deposit to upload payment slip via WP Travel Dashboard. It will be verified by admin after uploding slip.


  • Add to cart issue with some trips. if trips have no trip extra then trip is not able to add to cart.
  • Minor typo error fixes in email template and backend settings.
  • Custom trip code enable disable fixes.
  • Undefined index gateway in admin settings page.
  • Group discount table not displaying for some trips.
  • Trip Extras not display in frontend trips if disabled from admin.
  • Tabs error fixes.

= 1.9.7 =
Release Date: 29th April, 2019


  • Addons Settings tab added. It helps to enable / disable addons
  • New hook for payment settings.


  • Upsell notices fixes.
  • Other minor issue fixes.

= 1.9.6 =
Release Date: 22nd April 2019


  • Set WP Travel Dashboard tab menu priority to change placement of tabs.


  • WP Travel displaying empty alert notification.
  • Datepicker Console error in admin booking.
  • Add to cart issue with some multiple trips.
  • Admin Trips tab sale price field show hide issue. Previously it was not hiding sale price on pricing option change.
  • Billing fields warning notices in admin booking.

= 1.9.5 =
Release Date: 15th April 2019


  • Trip Tab Name update and content placement.
  • Compatibility with WP Travel Pro
  • Tab label placement changed for settings and trips.
  • Trip Code Metabox and excerpt moved to General Tab.
  • Marketplace addons and themes listing update.


  • Mionr laoyut issue fixes.

= 1.9.4 =
Release Date: 8th April 2019


  • Admin Notice list layout changed.
  • Hook enhanced to remove billing fields.


  • Fixed lost password url on dashboard page. Previously it is going to worpress reset password link.
  • Fixed Filter by price high to low and low to high.
  • Minor Notification issue fixes for import export.

= 1.9.3 =
Release Date: 28th March 2019


  • Compatibility with group discount.
  • Tabs code optimized and added new functions to get global trips, admin trips, frontend trips tab.


  • Function wp_travel_get_default_frontend_tabs is deprecated. use wp_travel_get_default_trip_tabs instead.


WP Travel Utilities 1.2.3 or above.

= 1.9.2 =
Release Date: 24th March 2019


  • Pricing function enhanced to get single, multiple and group price.
  • Trip page layout updated for trip extras.


  • When doing quick edit, it clears all custom field(meta) values.
  • Partial Payment Option is visible on checkout page even it is disabled from admin settings.
  • Standard Paypal payment compatibility with multiple checkout.
  • Date translation on trip page.
  • Admin settings tab position placement changed.
  • Display Tabs in frontend isn’t correct as per settings.
  • Booking not listed in WP Travel Dashboard. When booking made from frontend it is not listed as booking in Dashboard page.

= 1.9.1 =
Release Date: 13th March 2019

  • Enhancement: Helpers function split.
  • Enhancement: Deprecated hooks ‘wp_tarvel_before_archive_title’ replaced with ‘wp_travel_before_archive_content_title’.
  • Enhancement: Deprecated hooks ‘wp_tarvel_before_single_title’ replaced with ‘wp_travel_before_single_title’.
  • Fixes: Page settings not reflecting into frontend.

= 1.9.0 =
Release Date: 12th March 2019

  • Enhancement: Settings field modified and added default settings fields.
  • Enhancement: Gallery image size changed from medium to thumbnail.
  • Fixes: Trip extra not added in single pricing option trips.
  • Fixes: When applying coupon, gives wrong total amount if discount amount is greater than total.
  • Fixes: WP Travel Field Editor compatibility.

= 1.8.9 =
Release Date: 6th March 2019

  • Enhancement: Added Helper function to load payment scripts for payment addons.
  • Enhancement: Added Filter to customize wp_travel_thumbnail image size.
  • Enhancement: Script optimized to show / hide Dates and price field.
  • Enhancement: Added filter to made all travelers field required.
  • Fixes: Manual add new booking from admin dashboard. Previously need to click edit link to display fields to input.
  • Fixes: Minor layout update, admin booking radio layout.

= 1.8.8 =
Release Date: 28th February 2019

  • Enhancement: Made the privacy link open in new tab.
  • Fixes: Frontend Dashboard view all link not clickable.
  • Fixes: Book now button can be clicked even it is marked as expired.
  • Fixes: Thankyou page url in case of standard paypal payment.
  • Fixes: Tab section of trip is empty in the new setup.

= 1.8.7 =
Release Date: 23rd February 2019

  • Readme file updated.
  • Enhancement: New hooks added / updated for email.
  • Fixes: Minor issue fixes.

= 1.8.6 =
Release Date: 22nd February 2019

  • Enhancement: Thankyou page url function enhanced with filters.
  • Fixes: Pricing label updated in email for pricing option.
  • Fixes: Trip extra amount included in standard paypal.
  • Fixes: Minor layout & listing display updated in trip single.
  • Fixes: Trip update issue when price 0.
  • Fixes: Trip enquiry on sold out popup.
  • Fixes: Partial payment amount for standard paypal.
  • Fixes: Search filter shortcode fields.

= 1.8.5 =
Release Date: 13th February 2019

  • Enhancement: Thankyou page url function added.
  • Fixes: WP Travel trip date disply in admin booking.
  • Fixes: Multiple checkout listing in User Dashboard page.
  • Fixes: Unable to click update button on bookings.
  • Fixes: Trip date for multiple checkout option.
  • Fixes: Minor Layout issue fixes.

= 1.8.4 =
Release Date: 10th February 2019

  • Enhancement: Search Filter Widget fields.
  • Fixes: System information page permission issue.
  • Fixes: Search widget date range.
  • Fixes: Total amount and payment amount mismatched in checkout page.
  • Fixes: Discount not add up in standard PayPal.
  • Fixes: Booking Status not updated.
  • Fixes: Partial Payment discount.
  • Fixes: Other Minor fixes.

= 1.8.3 =
Release Date: 29th January 2019

  • Fixes: Datepicker format set to Y-m-d.
  • Fixes: minor layout fixes.
  • Fixes: Trip tab sortable.