Changelog of WP Travel plugin


Release Date: 19th May, 2019


  • Currency Position added for price.


  • Show / Hide Bank Detail on checkout page. Displaying Bank Detail field on payment mode change.
  • Fixed trip date is not being able to add from admin when adding new booking.
  • Console error fixes in field editor.
  • Payment status wating for voucher on booking only.
  • Review reply link not working is fixed.
  • Offer sign not showing for multiple pricing.
  • Coupon tab multiple icon on tab label.
  • WP Travel Notice label text updated.
  • Minor layout issue fixes for admin settings.


Release Date: 14th May, 2019


  • Payment addons sortable. Made all payment addons sortable to change position of payment methods in checkout and admin settings page.
  • Admin layout and tabs update. New admin layout implemented as well as tabs and layouts in admin pages.
  • Bank deposit feature. Added new feature as Bank deposit to upload payment slip via WP Travel Dashboard. It will be verified by admin after uploding slip.

* Add to cart issue with some trips. if trips have no trip extra then trip is not able to add to cart.
* Minor typo error fixes in email template and backend settings.
* Custom trip code enable disable fixes.
* Undefined index gateway in admin settings page.
* Group discount table not displaying for some trips.
* Trip Extras not display in frontend trips if disabled from admin.
* Tabs error fixes.


Release Date: 29th April, 2019


  • Addons Settings tab added. It helps to enable / disable addons
  • New hook for payment settings.


  • Upsell notices fixes.
  • Other minor issue fixes.


Release Date: 22nd April 2019


  • Set WP Travel Dashboard tab menu priority to change placement of tabs.


  • WP Travel displaying empty alert notification.
  • Datepicker Console error in admin booking.
  • Add to cart issue with some multiple trips.
  • Admin Trips tab sale price field show hide issue. Previously it was not hiding sale price on pricing option change.
  • Billing fields warning notices in admin booking.


Release Date: 15th April 2019


  • Trip Tab Name update and content placement.
  • Compatibility with WP Travel Pro
  • Tab label placement changed for settings and trips.
  • Trip Code Metabox and excerpt moved to General Tab.
  • Marketplace addons and themes listing update.

* Mionr laoyut issue fixes.


Release Date: 8th April 2019


  • Admin Notice list layout changed.
  • Hook enhanced to remove billing fields.


  • Fixed lost password url on dashboard page. Previously it is going to worpress reset password link.
  • Fixed Filter by price high to low and low to high.
  • Minor Notification issue fixes for import export.


Release Date: 28th March 2019


  • Compatibility with group discount.
  • Tabs code optimized and added new functions to get global trips, admin trips, frontend trips tab.


  • Function wp_travel_get_default_frontend_tabs is deprecated. use wp_travel_get_default_trip_tabs instead.


WP Travel Utilities 1.2.3 or above.


Release Date: 24th March 2019


  • Pricing function enhanced to get single, multiple and group price.
  • Trip page layout updated for trip extras.


  • When doing quick edit, it clears all custom field(meta) values.
  • Partial Payment Option is visible on checkout page even it is disabled from admin settings.
  • Standard Paypal payment compatibility with multiple checkout.
  • Date translation on trip page.
  • Admin settings tab position placement changed.
  • Display Tabs in frontend isn’t correct as per settings.
  • Booking not listed in WP Travel Dashboard. When booking made from frontend it is not listed as booking in Dashboard page.


Release Date: 13th March 2019

  • Enhancement: Helpers function split.
  • Enhancement: Deprecated hooks ‘wp_tarvel_before_archive_title’ replaced with ‘wp_travel_before_archive_content_title’.
  • Enhancement: Deprecated hooks ‘wp_tarvel_before_single_title’ replaced with ‘wp_travel_before_single_title’.
  • Fixes: Page settings not reflecting into frontend.


Release Date: 12th March 2019

  • Enhancement: Settings field modified and added default settings fields.
  • Enhancement: Gallery image size changed from medium to thumbnail.
  • Fixes: Trip extra not added in single pricing option trips.
  • Fixes: When applying coupon, gives wrong total amount if discount amount is greater than total.
  • Fixes: WP Travel Field Editor compatibility.


Release Date: 6th March 2019

  • Enhancement: Added Helper function to load payment scripts for payment addons.
  • Enhancement: Added Filter to customize wp_travel_thumbnail image size.
  • Enhancement: Script optimized to show / hide Dates and price field.
  • Enhancement: Added filter to made all travelers field required.
  • Fixes: Manual add new booking from admin dashboard. Previously need to click edit link to display fields to input.
  • Fixes: Minor layout update, admin booking radio layout.


Release Date: 28th February 2019

  • Enhancement: Made the privacy link open in new tab.
  • Fixes: Frontend Dashboard view all link not clickable.
  • Fixes: Book now button can be clicked even it is marked as expired.
  • Fixes: Thankyou page url in case of standard paypal payment.
  • Fixes: Tab section of trip is empty in the new setup.


Release Date: 23rd February 2019

  • Readme file updated.
  • Enhancement: New hooks added / updated for email.
  • Fixes: Minor issue fixes.


Release Date: 22nd February 2019

  • Enhancement: Thankyou page url function enhanced with filters.
  • Fixes: Pricing label updated in email for pricing option.
  • Fixes: Trip extra amount included in standard paypal.
  • Fixes: Minor layout & listing display updated in trip single.
  • Fixes: Trip update issue when price 0.
  • Fixes: Trip enquiry on sold out popup.
  • Fixes: Partial payment amount for standard paypal.
  • Fixes: Search filter shortcode fields.


Release Date: 13th February 2019

  • Enhancement: Thankyou page url function added.
  • Fixes: WP Travel trip date disply in admin booking.
  • Fixes: Multiple checkout listing in User Dashboard page.
  • Fixes: Unable to click update button on bookings.
  • Fixes: Trip date for multiple checkout option.
  • Fixes: Minor Layout issue fixes.


Release Date: 10th February 2019

  • Enhancement: Search Filter Widget fields.
  • Fixes: System information page permission issue.
  • Fixes: Search widget date range.
  • Fixes: Total amount and payment amount mismatched in checkout page.
  • Fixes: Discount not add up in standard PayPal.
  • Fixes: Booking Status not updated.
  • Fixes: Partial Payment discount.
  • Fixes: Other Minor fixes.


Release Date: 29th January 2019

  • Fixes: Datepicker format set to Y-m-d.
  • Fixes: minor layout fixes.
  • Fixes: Trip tab sortable.


Release Date: 25th January 2019

  • Enhancement: Localized variable name consistency.
  • Fixes : Backend trip start and end date fixes.
  • Fixes : User Dashboard booking layout label updated.


Release Date: 24th January 2019

  • Fixes: Empty license settings tab.


Release Date: 23rd January 2019

  • Enhancement: Admin menu split into WP Travel and Trips.
  • Enhancement: User dashboard page layout updated.
  • Enhancement: Added settings to select Dashboard page.
  • Enhancement: Validation in backend forms.
  • Enhancement: Label text updates.
  • Fixes: Datepicker issue with Portuguese language.
  • Fixes: Redirect to homepage on payment.
  • Fixes: Trip duration validation.
  • Fixes: User dashboard links not working.
  • Fixes: Made translation ready some missing translation.
  • Fixes: Checkout page and other minor layout issues.


Release Date: 4th January 2019

  • Fixes: Display payment info metabox values.
  • Fixes: Google map console error.
  • Fixes: Admin settings console error.
  • Fixes: Datepicker localization issue.
  • Fixes: Trip Price conflict with WP Travel Utilities.


Release Date: 31st December 2018

  • Enhancement: Added select2 JS.
  • Fixes: Font Awesome issues.
  • Fixes: Other minor issues.


Release Date: 26th December 2018

  • Fixes: Date Picker date format.
  • Fixes: Undefined index on dashboard page.


Release Date: 21st December 2018

  • New Feature: Added Clone Trips.
  • New Feature: Added Open Graph Tags in trips and its settings in misc tab.
  • New: Added Map Options in general tab.
  • New: Added Default google map alternative links in settings and Trip location tab.
  • New: Converted Static User Dashboard Menu with array and callbacks.
  • Enhancement: Pricing fields grouped as per single and multiple pricing option.
  • Enhancement: Template file added for itinerary lists.
  • Fixes: Booking option changed for non price trips.
  • Fixes: Partial payment amount & rate calculation.
  • Fixes: Date Format as per WP date format option.


Release Date: December 7th, 2018

  • New Feature: WP Travel Multiple Travelers info.
  • Enhancement: Travelers info style updated.
  • Fixes: Wrong Date in cart page.
  • Fixes: Multiple cart item error on admin booking page.
  • Fixes: Admin Booking page error with stripe payment.
  • Fixes: Form fields issues.


Release Date: November 30th, 2018

  • Fixes: WP Travel Version added in enqueue script and styles.
  • Fixes: PHP Warning on creting trip post.


Release Date: November 28th, 2018

  • Fixes: Trip with Fixed Departure Listing.
  • Fixes: Delete Data of multiple date.
  • Fixes: Meta data lost on booking sent to trash.
  • Fixes: Datepicker issue in admin section.


Release Date: November 27th, 2018

  • Fixes: PHP Module iconv extension error.
  • Fixes: Dashboard Booking not saved in case of admin.
  • Fixes: Console error with multiple _nonce uses in WP Travel Dashboard.
  • Fixes: Calender locale.
  • Fixes: Conflict with BuddyPress Event calender.


Release Date: November 14th, 2018

  • Fixes: Search Filter PHP error.
  • Fixes: Search Filter Search by Date.


Release Date: November 6th, 2018

  • Fixes: License Tab UI fixes.
  • Enhancement: List by Fix Departure listing Pricing Name label added.


Release Date: November 2nd, 2018

  • Fixes: Email Charset issue with other language.
  • Fixes: Average rating fix.
  • Enhancement: Updated Fontawesome from 4.7 to 5.
  • Minor bug fixings.


Release Date: October 29th, 2018

  • Fixes: License issue.
  • Minor bug fixings.


  • Fixes: Filer widget date format.
  • Enhancement: Multiple Jetpack Social share on overview / Content.
  • Enhancement: Thankyou page filter hook updated.
  • Enhancement: Review & ratings function updated.


  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • Enhancement: New From email settings in general settings.
  • Enhancement: WP Travel Utilities suppot hook added.
  • Enhancement: Related Trips template created.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • Fixes: Fixed departure trip extras display issue fixes.
  • Fixes: Cart Page minor CSS issues fixing.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • Enhancements: Image fields on taxonomies.
  • Fixes: Inventory Options additional hooks added.
  • Fixes: Cart Page minor CSS issues fixing.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • Fixes: Inventory Options Pax limit conflict fixed.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • Enhancements: WP Travel Extras addon support added.
  • Fixes: Min. Pax cart page input field issue when min pax not set fixed.
  • Fixes: Datepicker default to Russian issue fixed.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • PHP version checks and fallback message added.
  • Booking Arrival date issue fixing in cart and emails.
  • Paypal IPN payment status update issue fixing.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • WP Travel Extras Compatibility Support added.
  • Cart JS String translation issue fixes.
  • Google Maps API conflicts issue resolved.
  • Multiple Cart Item update functionality support added.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • New Feature: WP Travel Trip extras.
  • New Feature: Price Per calculation options for pricing option.
  • Fixes: Inventory issue fixing for wp travel utilities.
  • Fixes: Booking Arrival Date not being saved issue fixing.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • Fixes: Fixed departure dates listing for pax issue.
  • Fixes: Inventory issue fixing for wp travel utilities.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • New Feature: Fixed departure dates listing for front-end booking tab.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • Fixes: Settings page JS issue fixing.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • New Feature: WP Travel Dashboard Bookings Widget.
  • Enhancement: Custom Excerpt support for trips.
  • Fixes: Cart Page Error messages and layout fixes.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • Enhancement: WP Travel Utilities Compatibility Fixes.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • Fixes: Empty FAQ answer errors fixing.
  • Datepicker language translation issue fixes.
  • Fixes: Shortcode render issue fixes with Brizy Page Builder.
  • Enhancement: WP Travel Utilities Compatibility Fixes.
  • Enhancements: Template options and hooks added.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • Fixes: Empty FAQ answer errors fixing.
  • Fixes: Max pax empty pricing option cart update issue fixes.
  • Fixes: W3C validator issues fixings.
  • Enhancement: WordPress 4.9.8 Compatibility testing.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • Enhancement: Booking datepicker Italian Language support added.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • Enhancement: Backend Trips Error handling enhancements.
  • Trip facts: multilingual support.
  • Fixes: Booking front-end calender design enhancement.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • New Feature : WP Travel Filters widget trip facts search / Filters.
  • Enhancements / Feature : WP Travel Utilities Compatibility support.
  • Template Modification : /template/content-pricing-options.php file updated.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • Enhancements / Feature : WP Travel Utilities Compatibility support.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • Enhancements / Feature : Booking datepicker multi-lingual support.
  • Fixes: Cart page “Group” price total issue fixes.
  • Fixes: WP Travel Filter widget currency symbol issue fixed in range filter.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • Enhancements / Feature : GDPR Compatibility Support for Enquiry, Bookings and Payment Forms.
  • Fixes: Translation of strings issue fixes.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bug fixes.


  • Enhancements: Yoast SEO Content Analysis support.
  • Fixes: Booking Only pax validation issue fixing.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bugs fixes.


  • New Feature: Discount Coupon creation and usage for payments.
  • Fixes: Booking code display issue fixing.
  • Fixes: Checkout issue fixings.
  • Fixes: Cart upadtes and functionality improvements.
  • Fixes: Add new Itinerary freeze issue fixings.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bugs fixes.


  • New Feature: Frontend Google Maps set zoom level.
  • Fixes: Booking Only form issue fixing.
  • Fixes: Backend link in gallery drop area issue fixed.
  • Fixes: Fixed departure dates selection issue fixed.
  • Fixes: Add new Itinerary freeze issue fixings.


  • Fixes: Minor issues and bugs fixes.


  • New Feature : New Checkout page.
  • Enhancement : Better Trips cart / Checkout flow.
  • Fixes: Booking Emails mail tags issue resolved.
  • Fixes: Payment gateway Addons Better support.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bugs fixes.


  • Fixes: Booking Date Formating Issue fixing.
  • Fixes: Booking and payment emails “From” name issue fixes.
  • Fixes: Single Day trip options disabled issue fixes.
  • Fixes: Arrival Date field issue fixed in case of “Booking Only”.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bugs fixes.


  • Fixes: User Dashboard CSS issue fixings.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bugs fixes.


  • New Feature: WP Travel Customer Login.
  • New feature: WP Travel Customer Dashboard and Bookings View.
  • Enhancements: WP Travel Marketplace addons listing views.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bugs fixes.


  • Compatibility: WP Travel Utilities Addon support added.
  • Enhancements: New WP Travel Dashboard Menu Icon.
  • Fixes: Email template responsive issue fixings.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bugs fixes.


  • Fixes: Trip Gallery Caption Image.
  • Fixes: Trip Booking dates selection issue for non fixed departure trips.
  • Fixes: Trip Booking arrival date missing in email issue fixed.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bugs fixes.


  • Fixes: Minor issues and bugs fixings.


  • Fixes: Font Awesome icon issue fixing for Trip Facts.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bugs fixings.


  • New Feature: Multiple Trip Facts options for trips.
  • New Feature: Multiple trip Facts Shortcode.
  • Fixes: Multiple Pricing and date issue fixings.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bugs fixings.


  • Fixes: Travel Log front page layout conflict issue fixes.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bugs fixings.


  • New Feature: Multiple trip pricing options.
  • New Feature: Multiple trip dates options.
  • New feature: Individual pricing dates booking options.
  • Enhancements: New cart page layout.
  • Enhancements: Frontend Booking tab layout enhancements.
  • Fixes: Blank Price Booking only options.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bugs fixings.


  • Fixes: Minor issues and bugs fixings.


  • New Feature: Cart and Checkout process for trip booking.
  • Fixes: Compatibility for payment gateways.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bugs fixings.


  • New Feature: Email Template options for booking,payments and enquiries.
  • New Feature: TAX Options for Trip Prices.
  • Fixes: Payment issue fix while null or empty trip price.
  • Fixes: Date format issue fixes for fixed departure date.
  • Fixes: Reviews meta disabled when reviews tab is disabled in trip details.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bugs fixings.


  • New Feature: WP Travel Standard PayPal addon merged to core.
  • New Feature: Archive page widget area added.
  • New Feature: New WP Travel Filters Widget added for trips search.
  • New Feature: New WP Travel Filters Widget shortcode added.
  • New Feature: New menu Docs & Support added.
  • Fixes: Minor issues and bugs fixings.


  • New Feature: Sale widget added.
  • New Feature: Inquiry Form added.
  • New Feature: Date and time added in itinerary timeline.
  • New Feature: Compare Price on Stat.
  • Fixes: Tabs Sortable issue.
  • Fixes: Embeded frame allowed in frontend overview.
  • Fixes: Minor issues.


  • New Feature: Itinerary Timeline added.
  • Fixes: Issue with WP Travel Standard Paypal.


  • New Feature: Frontend Tab label update and sorting.
  • New Feature: FAQ.
  • Fixes: Comment rating issue.


  • Fixes: PHP Error below PHP Ver 5.4.


  • New Feature: “Loco Translate” support.
  • New Feature: “WPML Translate” support.
  • New Feature: Payment fields added globally.
  • New Feature: Activities Taxonomy added.
  • New Feature: Slug override for trip, location, trip type, activities.
  • Changes: Itineraries post type changed to trip.
  • Changes: Price fields moved to price tab in itineraries section.
  • Fixes: Thumbnail blur issue.
  • Fixes: Booking Count on post delete.


  • New Feature: Booking Status added.
  • Fixes: Default view mode [grid] style issue.
  • Fixes: Deprecated Functions issue.
  • Fixes: Booking Stat issue with query.
  • Fixes: Minor layout issue.


  • New Feature: Booking Stat.
  • New Feature: Featured itinerary widget.
  • New Feature: Trip Location widget.
  • New Feature: Trip Type widget.
  • New Feature: Compatibility with WP Travel PayPal add-ons.
  • New Feature: Added Form field for radio and checkbox input.
  • New Feature: Added PAX field in Booking form.
  • Fixes: PHP error on lower PHP version.
  • Fixes: Layout issue [itinerary list per row on grid view ].
  • Fixes: Backend Map issue.
  • Fixes: Minor fixes.


  • New Feature: Filter Itineraries by Price, Trip Type, Location.
  • New Feature: Archive Page View Mode. Default ‘list’ [grid/list].
  • New Feature: Booking form fields filter.
  • New Feature: Location displayed in single page.
  • New Feature: Currency option for ‘KES’.
  • New Feature: Added system information.
  • Fixes: Text translation updated with new strings.
  • Fixes: Trip Duration/Fixed Departure issue on frontend.
  • Fixes: Template override issue with post not found.
  • Fixes: Responsive issue on WP_TRAVEL_ITINERARIES.
  • Fixes: Shortcode issue on WP_TRAVEL_ITINERARIES.
  • Fixes: Related Itineraries issue with map.
  • Fixes: Hash link updated for single itinerary tabs.
  • Test: Tested upto 4.9.


  • Fixes: Placed language file.
  • Fixes: Label text updated for frontend itinerary tabs.
  • Fixes: Fix translation issues.


  • New Feature: Hide related itinerary option added in settings.
  • New Feature: Option to send booking mail to admin.
  • New Feature: Booking notification email sent to customer.
  • New Feature: Keyword taxonomy.
  • New Feature: Search Widgets.
  • New Feature: Template override.
  • New Feature: Currency option for ‘TZS’.
  • New Feature: [WP_TRAVEL_ITINERARIES] shortcode added.
  • New Feature: Fixed Departure, Trip Duration options in Additional info tab.
  • New Feature: Itinerary listing design updated.
  • Fixes: Settings option not working in WooCommerce.
  • Fixes: Minor design issues.


  • New: Added feature on booking.
  • New: Added featured itineraries. Featured itineraries can be fetched from “wp_travel_featured_itineraries” function.
  • New: Added shortcode “WP_TRAVEL_ITINERARIES” to list itineraries by type, location or featured.
  • Fixed: Minor issues and bugs.


  • Initial release.