Compare WP Travel free with WP Travel Pro

WP Travel Pro is technically an add-on for the free WP Travel plugin. That is, if you purchase WP Travel Pro, you’ll have both the free WP Travel plugin and the WP Travel Pro plugin active on your site.

WP Travel free version offers limitless options to build your travel website. WP Travel Pro, however, empowers you with more professional tools that enrich your travel website and travel business, and allow you to get more conversions and sales. 

Following is a long detailed list of all features of WP Travel Pro, compared side-by-side with the free version of WP Travel.

WP Travel Pro is everything you get in WP Travel

…plus more added on.

So what’s “more”? And do you actually need “more”?

WP Travel (Pro Version)

WP Travel (Free Version)

Recurring Dates Feature

Can set different recurring dates(years, months, days) for the same trip


Trip Facts

Create trip facts like transportation, hotel, guide, etc


Trip Enquiry

Make enquiries regarding trips



Set unlimited itineraries for trips



Offer discounts and rewards to your customers


Multiple travelers enable disable

Add information of lead/multiple travelers in the checkout page


Multiple Currency feature

Set the currency of their choice in the site so that the customer will be able to choose the currency as per their requirement


Geo-location feature

Currency will be adjusted according to the location of the user


Invoice feature

User will automatically receive the email containing the PDF invoice after making the payment of the trips


Currency exchange rate

Find equivalent rate for currencies


Weather forecast feature

Forecast the weather


Map option

Include premium map addon (Here map) offered by the WP Travel Plugin

Map option

Google map, Map Quest, Iframe Map

Multiple Cart Feature

Add more than one trips in mini cart of checkout page


Itinerary downloads Feature

Download all details of itinerary (trip) in pdf format


Downloads option (WP Travel Downloads Addon)

Upload digital media files associated with particular trip in the site


Filter options (WP Travel Custom Filters Addon)

Add custom filters


Email Feature (WP Travel Mailchimp Addon)

Lists the emails received from the enquiry and booking forms to the mailchimp


Additional field (WP Travel Field Editor Addon)

Add, edit and remove fields in billing info, traveler info and trip inquiry form

Default fields available

Additional service (WP Travel Tour Extras Addon)

Add additional services like water bottle, t-shirt for trips


(WP Travel Utilities):

  • Multiple pricing checkout through single cart
  • Custom trip code
  • Email footer powered by text removal options
  • Add multiple email recipients
  • Adding custom tabs feature
  • FAQ feature
  • Inventory options

  • Different checkout for different category
  • No
  • No
  • Add single recipient
  • Default tabs available
  • No
  • No       

Group discount feature (WP Travel Group Discount Addon)

Give discount based on user’s group


Import export feature (WP Travel Import Export Addon)

Allows you to export and import the content of the WP Travel plugin like trips, bookings


Wishlist feature (WP Travel Wishlists Addon)

Add trips to your Wishlist (autosaves) and return to it later so that you don’t have to search your favourite trip once again


Advanced gallery options (WP Travel Advanced Gallery Addon)

Add audio, video and images, youtube via url etc.

Add images 

Create Zapier automation (WP Travel Zapier Addon)

Enable users to create zapier automation for WP Travel bookings and enquiries


Google Calendar (WP Travel Google Calendar)

Allows users to integrate google calendar with the WP Travel plugin, which provides a few information as an event after booking.


More payment gateways available:

Payment gateways available:

  • Standard Paypal
  • Bank Deposit