So, are you looking forward to creating a travel website free with WordPress for your online travel business?

Well, you can create a travel and tour booking website within minutes, without any hassle of coding and hiring highly paid developers for free with WP Travel.

How to Create Travel Booking Website with WordPress? (Video Tutorial)

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Well, downloading and installing the WP Travel Plugin has been made easier by the below tutorial with easy steps.

A vacation with a perfect plan can bring peace and relaxation to the mind.

Now, it has become almost a basic need for everyone with the increase in working pressure.

For most of the customers, a vacation plan starts in front of their computer by seeing online trip packages and purchasing them in the end.

So, creating a perfect travel booking site is important if you are planning to start your own travel tourism business.

In this article, you will also get to know what you should include for creating a travel booking site like, TripAdvisor, or Airbnb.

Also, what are the steps to create a travel agency website that not only brings success to your business!

But also creates a great traveling experience in your customer’s minds that you can even imagine.

If you favor written guidance to create a travel booking website, then please continue reading.

Without further ado, let us jump right into this topic so that you can start right away:

Steps to Make a Travel Website with WordPress

If you want to create a travel booking site free with WordPress like Airbnb then you can create a website right away.

It is similar for both if you want to create a small travel business or want to operate an international travel site like Airbnb.

The steps to create a travel booking site are:

Step 1: Select the Best Suitable Platform for Your Website

Suitable platform selection for your site is one of the most important tasks. will be a great CMS(Content Management System) choice for you.

If you want to make your self-hosted website then you need to go for You can use this for free.

It is free but It provides unlimited features that hardly any premium paid content management system can provide you. is the number one most popular content management system now. can provide you with various unique features that no other platform can provide.

WordPress is the number one most used content management system now and its users continuously increasing unbelievably. is 100% user-friendly that’s why you don’t need to worry about it if you are a beginner.

👇Do you know?

39% of all websites on the web are running with WordPress.

Why choose WordPress as your Website Platform

  • No need to waste money by hiring a developer for your site. It can save you money and energy as it is beginner-friendly.
  • Don’t need to be an IT engineer to make your travel booking site. As you will need no or little coding knowledge to use it.
  • Control your data and will provide you with security with lots of WordPress security plugins.
  • Easily create your travel booking site with outstanding features like On-Page Booking, Travel Guide, etc. through WP Travel and these plugins will help you to add functionality to your site without having any coding knowledge. like for security you have to install security plugins, for adding widgets you can install widget plugins.
  • You can change the appearance of your site by creating a travel booking site with WordPress themes. These themes are free to use.
  • It will make your site mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly. Your site optimizes according to the screen size of your users.
  • WordPress will provide you with free translation and easy management facility of your data.
  • It will help you if you face any difficulty.
  • You will have full access to your data and files. It provides access that even a paid content management system can’t provide.
  • provides unlimited hosting storage to its clients.

WordPress comes with and is free for its users. is the paid version.

But it will be wiser to use their unpaid version. is more accessible and featureful than a paid one.

If you get confused about which one you should use, then you can check the difference between and

For these facilities, you should choose WordPress over any other platform. If you make a travel website using HTML, then travel website development will be more difficult.

Other platforms can save you money initially.

But it can never provide you with the facilities as WordPress.

Step 2: Get your Domain Name

choosing-the-best-domain-names: create your travel booking website

In this step, you need to select your domain name. A perfect domain name will help you to gain success in your business.

It is preferable to keep your domain name in the name of the company name.

If you haven’t started your company yet then choosing a good company name that will resemble your business will be essential.

If you want to create a travel booking site with a WordPress domain, then you need to select a perfect domain name for your site.

A great company name will lead you to a great domain name.

While choosing a company name you should keep in mind that:

It should be short and easy to remember

You need to avoid long and hard names. Because it will create difficulty during use and memorization. People always avoid hard and long names.

Keeping your company’s name short and easy will help you to increase your customer.

Day by day people are getting busier in their professional and personal life that’s why they always want everything in less time.

So, make your company’s name short and specific so that your customers can get to you in less time and effort.

Your company’s name should resemble your business

Keep your company’s name similar to the product or service you provide.

By doing this your company name helps your customer to know what service you provide.

If you keep a completely different domain name then it will be hard for your clients to get an idea of what service you provide.

You need to keep a domain name so that your clients can easily find out the service you provide.

Don’t include hyphens and numbers in your company name

Always avoid hyphens and numbers because it will create confusion among your customers. People will always get confused by this.

If your customer forgets or gets confused by your domain name then they can’t reach you and buy service from you.

That’s why it will not be wise to use hyphens and numbers in your company’s name.

Remember: A great company name can help you to grow your business.

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Step 3: Choose the Best Web-Hosting Service

selecting-the-best-webhosting: create your travel booking website

You need to get a hosting service from a good hosting company after selecting your domain name. there are many hosting companies like BluehostHostgatorHostinger, etc.

From them, you can purchase your self-hosting service.

It means that you can have full control over your website. Can customize your website the way you like.

You can install your WordPress with only one click after that it will automatically get installed.

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Step 4: Install a Suitable Theme for Your Website

Your website appearance will be the very first impression to your visitors. So, it needs to be more appealing to your visitors.

You can change your travel booking site’s appearance with these themes.

WordPress will provide you the default theme with the installation but it will not be that appealing to your visitors.

If you want to create a travel booking site with a WordPress theme then, you need to install and activate a suitable theme for your site.

Before selecting a theme you need to keep one thing in mind your theme should suit your business.

For installing the theme go to your admin dashboard. Then go to appearance>> themes.

travel booking site with wordpress: How to Create a Travel Website Free with WordPress?

After that click the add new. Then search for the theme that you want to install and activate it.

travel booking site with wordpress: How to Create a Travel Website Free with WordPress?

We are installing Travel Ultimate Theme to create a travel booking site with WordPress.

By using the Travel Ultimate theme you can change the appearance of your site completely.

It’s a new theme but it can provide excellent service to its user. This continuously upgrades according to its user demand.

Right now its active installation is 1000+. It is a great result for a newly launched theme.

travel booking site with wordpress. How to Create a Travel Website Free with WordPress?

After installing activate it.

How to Create a Travel Website Free with WordPress?

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Step 5: Add Functionality by Installing Plugins

You can create a travel booking website with WordPress plugins that can help you to add functionality to your site without applying difficult coding.

It will make your website more powerful by adding lots of useful plugins.

You can install the WP Travel plugin to add lots of features that a travel booking company needs which acts as a travel agency website builder.

By installing WP Travel, you can add lots of travel and tour packages to your travel booking site.

It also helps you to add trips, duration of trips, and cost of trips on your site.

you can add discounts to your site with this plugin.

It will provide you with all the features that you will need for your site.

You can also install Best WordPress travel booking themes for customizing your travel booking site’s appearance and design.

Travel Ultimate will recommend some plugins for your site. Click the Begin installing plugin option.

travel booking site with wordpress

Select install in the bulk action then click apply. Then activate this plugin.

How to Create a Travel Website Free with WordPress?

After installing and activating the theme and plugins your site will look like this.

travel booking site with wordpress.How to Create a Travel Website Free with WordPress?

After that, you need to customize your site. For that click customize your site.

How to Create a Travel Website Free with WordPress?

What’s Next?

After that, you need to customize all the following area according to your desire:

  • Site identity (adding logo, pages, page name)
  • Adding colors
  • header Image
  • Background image
  • Menus
  • Widgets
  • Homepage settings
  • Front Page
  • Theme options
  • Reset all setting
  • Additional CSS
travel booking site with wordpress.How to Create a Travel Website Free with WordPress?

After customizing all these areas your site will look like this.

How to Create a Travel Website Free with WordPress?

To change the functionality of your site or plugin you need to edit the following sections:

How to Create a Travel Website Free with WordPress?
  • Booking
  • Coupons
  • Enquires
  • Trip extras
  • Downloads
  • Reports
  • Custom filters
  • Settings

You have to customize the general setting by making required changes in currency, Maps, and pages.

Then press the save setting button.

How to Create a Travel Website Free with WordPress?

Adding Trips to your site

How to Create a Travel Website Free with WordPress?
  • All trips: In this option, your customers can see all trips that you uploaded.
  • New trips: You can add new trips with this option.
  • Pricing categories: You can add different prices for different trip categories.
  • Trips types; You can add types of trips with this option.
  • Destinations: It will allow you to add destinations. On the right side of your site, you can see the newly added destination.
  • Keywords: Allow you to add keywords.
  • Activities: You can add new activities through this option.

Step 6: Combine Booking and Payment

By installing plugins like WP Travel, you can combine booking and booking payments on your site.

A booking becomes easier and safer with the help of PayPal and other payments that WP Travel provides.

Reasons to choose WP Travel for a travel booking site

How to Create a Travel Website Free with WordPress?

WP Travel is the best travel booking WordPress and tour management engine which comes in the free version and Pro version.

Such that, you can easily start a travel booking website instantly within minutes.

Within a short period, WP Travel has achieved these remarkable results by providing outstanding services to its users.

WP Travel has been helping 6000+ travel business owners to craft their travel booking websites such that, it has received 4.7/5 ratings from the WordPress plugin repository.

WP Travel provides lots of attractive themes and powerful plugins for their users.

For their themes, you can check best WordPress travel themes for your site.

get WP Travel pro

You can explore detailed WP Travel reviews, including overviews, pros and cons, plans and pricing, compatibility, and performance tests simultaneously.

Payment Options for Your Travel Site

With WP Travel you can add lots of payment systems for different countries to your travel booking site.

This payment online payment system will ease your client’s work.

You can add the following payment modules to your site:

  • For international transactions, you can use their WP Paypal Express Checkout, Stripe Checkout, Authorize checkout.
  • Payment in India you can use their Instamojo Checkout, Razorpay Checkout.
  • Payhere Checkout can be used for Sri Lanka.
  • For South Africa Payfast checkout.
  • Countries like Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Panama, and Peru PayU Latam can be used.
  • and many more can be added.

Through these payment systems, your customers can pay their booking bills online.

That will make their traveling easy and comfortable.

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Key features of WP Travel for your travel booking website

  • You can add unlimited trip packages with their prices, sale prices, duration, gallery, and many more.
  • Booking your client’s desired tour package will be easier. Your clients can easily book your packages if you use WP plugins.
  • Your clients can easily pay for the package that they want to book. Payment will be easier in different countries by using their payment systems.
  • Different dates and prices can be added for one trip.
  • You can even add tax to the package prices according to your company policy.
  • Clients of yours can rate your service and add their reviews if you allow them to. Reviews in a travel booking site can gain the trust of new customers. When a customer visits a travel booking site he/she first searches for reviews before booking any package.
  • For each trip, you can add a Google map. Through it, your clients can easily find the location of their trip.
  • You can even add coupons with your trips and many other features can be added with wp plugins.

Their plugins are easy to customize and you can get full support from their service team if you face any problems.

What should you include on the Travel Booking Site?

booking-create your travel booking website

It can vary from company to company. The including information in your travel booking site will be different according to the type of your site.

It will be different if you want to create a small travel booking site rather than creating an international travel agency.

So, the points listed will effectively help you understand How to Create a Travel Website Free with WordPress.

To build a travel website where your customers can easily find their desired packages in less time and with less effort, you need to include information on your site in the right way.

The basic features of creating a travel agency for both small travel sites and international travel agencies are more or less similar.

You need to include some essential information if want to make any kind of travel booking site.

There are some important features that every travel booking company’s website must include:

1: Your Company’s Story should be Presented

share-your-story: create your travel booking website

Your company’s story keeps the first impression on your customers. It influences them to buy your package.

In your company’s story, you need to include the reasons for the existence of your company. Tell your customers why you are doing this business and how you came here.

Tell them a real story other than making a fancy story.

A real story can make a powerful impact on someone’s mind than a fancy story. Your clients want to learn the real cause from you.

If your visitors like your story, then they go for a further purchasing process.

That’s why you should present your story in the right way that will influence your customers to buy packages from you.

2: Showcase your Company’s Trip Packages

How to Create a Travel Website Free with WordPress?

After presenting your story, you need to provide tour packages to your customers. Your customers will never buy your package until they like your package.

You have to tell your customers why you are different from other travel booking sites.

What advantages you are giving to your clients that other sites have failed to give?

The visitors to your site will not buy your packages if you don’t offer them something different from others.

So, you should offer attractive tour packages to beat your competitors.

Offer packages that your clients are looking for.

3: Provide Online Booking and Reservation Facilities

travel booking site with wordpress.How to Create a Travel Website Free with WordPress?

After presenting your packages on your site, you need to facilitate your customers through online booking and reservation.

This online booking facility not only increases your customers but also makes them lifetime customers who want to receive your service after having one great travel experience.

Now, people are more likely to do everything online.

If you don’t include this facility on your site, your business will never see the light of success.

You need to include the facility to learn your tour packages online, then book and reserve the packages they like.

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4: Provide an Online Payment Facility

Include an online payment system on your website because now maximum purchases are done through an online payment.

This makes the work of customers easier.

Your customer will never book any package until you provide online payment facilities.

As they provide different payment facilities for different countries that will make your clients traveling experience more comfortable and joyful.

5: Include your Company’s Information on Your Site

You need to include your contact number and map so that customers can contact you if they face any kind of problem during or after purchasing your packages.

If your customer doesn’t get any information about where you are providing your services.

Then it will be hard for your customers to believe you as they won’t get any help if they face any kind of problem.

So, it’s important to include your contact number and map to your travel booking site.

Present your company’s information in a way that your customers can easily find your company’s information on your travel site.

6.Include Customer Feedback

Feedback is something that is important for any kind of business whether you are running a food business or a travel agency business.

It can bring trust in your client’s mind. You should present feedback from your customers in a way that will be more appealing to your customers.

every customer checks feedback before purchasing any product or package.

It creates a huge influence on your customers.

Positive feedback can increase your customers in a way that you can never imagine.

So, try to highlight the feedback of your customers in an attractive way.

By including all these functions on your site, you can create a travel booking site with WordPress like Airbnb.

Is there any free tour/travel booking WordPress theme for a travel website?

Yes, there are lots of free tour and travel booking WordPress themes for your travel website. These are the free themes for a travel website:

These are some examples of free WordPress themes that can be used to book tours and travel. 

You can use these themes that are used for the travel booking site or portal. These themes are user-friendly and support the users in booking trips.

When choosing a theme, you should consider what your website needs, how you like things to look, and whether the theme works with booking software or connections.

What are some WordPress plugins that will let you set up a travel guide on a WordPress site?

To make a trip guide on a WordPress site, you need to choose a plugin that can help you show off places, give useful information, and make the experience better for visitors. 

You can use the following WordPress plugin to make a trip guide.

1.WP Travel 

WP Travel plugin is the best travel plugin specially designed for making travel websites. It allows you to add and manage destinations, tours, activities, accommodations and travel itineraries.

2.WP Google Maps

With the help of Google Maps, you can easily add trip places, tourist spots, and tour routes to your travel and tour website by adding Google Maps.

3.Google Places Reviews

You can display the reviews and ratings from Google Maps directly on your website by adding the Google Place Reviews.

4.Travel Booking Calendar 

Travel Booking Calendar is software that enables you to show schedules of when rooms, events, and activities are available.

5.Yoast SEO 

With the help of Yoast SEO, you can make your travel guide and content search engine-friendly. 

It gives you tools to add suitable meta tags, optimize the content for keywords, and boost your websites, to attract more traffic to your travel website.

What are the elements you can use or add to your WordPress travel blog to make it more interactive for users?

You can add elements and features to your WordPress travel blog that make it more dynamic and interesting for users. 

Create visually appealing and interactive pages with this free WP Travel Gutenberg Blocks plugin for travel websites.

Here are some features you can add to your WordPress travel blog.

1.Interactive Maps

You must add interactive maps of vacations sports, tourist sites, and other interesting places. Users can view destinations and plan their trips directly from your blog.

2.Photo Galleries

Make your customers watch travel photos in galleries or slides. You can show your picture that other people have sent you and put together albums of the place you’ve been.   

You can include travel vlogs, or video guides to provide adventure experiences. 

3.Video Content

Video can show places to visit, trips and personal experiences, which make personal experiences, enhance engagement with your content.

4.User Useful content 

Write the content to encourage the users to share their trip tips, stories, and pictures. You can put the user submissions in their section or highlight them in blog posts.

5.Live Chat Support

If users have travel questions, offer live chat support to help them immediately. With live chat apps, users can ask questions and get answers immediately.


Congratulations! Now, you know how to create a travel website free with WordPress.

Don’t be afraid if you face difficulties with your site. It is normal to face hindrances when you will do something for the first time.

Get WP Travel Pro and start creating your travel and tour booking website within minutes without any hassle of coding.