Ever face the need of giving the temporary user access to your website due to temporary Work distribution? You may sometimes need to create temporary accounts for giving access to temporary users. At this moment, creating WordPress temporary login is extremely important.

In this blog, we will enrich you with the knowledge of creating a WordPress temporary login without a password.

Why it is important?

It is risky for your site to give access to temporary users for a lifetime. Or, it will be a hassle as well if you consider deleting their accounts after work is done. Here, a WordPress temporary login without a password works like a jackpot.

You can give temporary access to temporary users because of it. Then, after the given time their accounts will automatically invalid. You don’t need to face the additional bother of deleting accounts. Following are some importance of WordPress temporary login:

  • Temporary user accounts will automatically expire. You don’t need to delete it.
  • Besides, your site will be safe from all threats.
  • You can also add the users you want and set a time for their working period.
  • Moreover, no chance of forgetting to delete user accounts.

Creating WordPress temporary login without password

We care about our user’s security and privacy. That’s why we have selected the WordPress Temporary Login Without Password plugin so that our user’s username and password remain safe. To build a WordPress temporary login without a password, please follow the following steps:

1. Installation of Plugin

First, go to Plugins -> Add New on your WordPress backend. After that, look for “temporary login without password” in the Search box and click on the “Install Now” button as shown below.

WordPress temporary login
WordPress temporary login

2. Activate the Plugin

Secondly, click the ‘Activate’ button after downloading the plugin for creating WordPress temporary login.

WordPress temporary login

3. Go to the temporary logins settings

After activation of the plugin please go to temporary login settings by following the path Users -> Temporary Logins as shown below.

4. Creating a new temporary login

In this step, click the ‘Create new’ button. There will be some entry fields that should be filled up. Complete the form as shown below. The position should be Administrator and one week can be set for the expiry (which is the default setting). Set the Language to English (United States). After that, you have to complete the form, you can press Submit to finish creating a new temporary login form.

Please click the ‘Click to Copy’ button after submitting the form and share the link with us. We will be able to log in with the URL sent through email without any passwords and the Admin account will be automatically deleted after the expiry date you have selected. Here, your WordPress temporary login is all set.

  1. Go to Temporary Login Settings
    Go to Admin Panel > Users > Temporary Logins.

2. Edit the Temporary User.
You’ll see Edit icon under action column, Click on the edit icon.

3. Make changes and Submit.
You can edit Email, First Name, Last Name, Role, Redirect after Login, Extend Enquiry and Language.
After making changes click on Submit Button.

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