Nowadays, Finding services at reasonable prices has become easier through online shopping.

Customers can compare different services in terms of their prices. In this case, adding a coupon code to your WordPress site can bring more sales to your business.

Think, would you prefer to buy something that you can buy in spending less money? Obviously, you are not. Your customers use this exact logic during buying.

That time if they find a coupon code, they will buy your services without any second thought.

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Now, if you have a question how you can add a coupon code to your WordPress site? Then, you have come to the right place.

How To Give Discount Through Coupon Code With WP Travel? (Video Tutorial)

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If you favor written guidance, then please continue reading.

What is a WordPress Coupon Code?

A WordPress coupon code is a code by which your website customers can get a percentage or fixed discount on trip packages.

As a result, your customers can get your services at lower prices than before. It’s an extra discount that you can give to your customers during placing their bookings.

Besides, your customers can easily apply the code and get discounts on the trip packages within less than a minute.

Everything is easier as well as user-friendly in WordPress. From creating a travel site to keeping all booking documents can be done without facing any problem.

A man who has no idea about WordPress can do it in no time. Anything can be done with WordPress plugins.

The best part is you can install and activate a plugin for your site that will give you a complete WordPress booking system. By that, you can easily add a coupon code within a matter of time.

We will discuss that plugin later. Before that let’s find out why adding a coupon code is important for your site.

Why do you need to create a coupon code in WordPress?

Would you buy a product or service that you can buy at a lower price with a coupon code? Or what site will be more appealing to you a site that offers a coupon code or a site that doesn’t?

Obviously, a site that offers a coupon code for giving you a discount. That also goes for your customers.

Adding a coupon code to your WordPress site not only makes your site appealing but also increases your customers in a way that you can’t imagine.

Here are the reasons why you need to add a coupon code to Your WordPress site:

  • Customers prefer to buy a product or service with a discount. You can certainly do that by creating a coupon code.
  • A discounted service seems more appealing to your customers. As a result, customers will be more encouraged to buy your services.
  • Besides, more customers means more sales, and more sales mean more profit in your business.
  • Your new customers get the courage to try out your product as you are offering discounts with coupon codes. Because of it, you can increase your customer’s number.
  • Moreover, your old customers will be more up-to-date about the discounts, you are giving to your customers.
  • As a result, you can increase your profit with increasing sales.

After knowing the importance of it, one question can arise in your mind. That is how to create a coupon code in WordPress. Now, let’s find it out.

How to create coupon codes in WordPress?

Adding a coupon code to your WordPress site is now a matter of time.

You can easily do that in a few minutes with the help of different plugins that are available in WordPress.

The best part is there are some plugins by which you can do almost everything that your travel site might need.

There are some WordPress coupon plugins as well. You can add a coupon code with these too.

WP Travel is one of the best plugins that provide a complete tour booking system for your travel site.

Here we will show you how you can create a coupon code in your WordPress site with WP Travel.

But, Before that, you need to install and activate WP Travel. After installing and activating it follow the following steps to add a coupon code to your WordPress site:

Step to create coupon code in WordPress

Step 1: Click the Add New button in Coupons of WP Travel

First, to create a coupon code in your WordPress site, go to your dashboard and then WP Travel>> Coupons. After that, click the Add New button to add a coupon to your site.

create coupon code in WordPress

Step 2: Write the title under ‘Add title’ Section

Second, add a title of your coupon in the entry title section. Then, set the general setting for your coupon. You need to add information for the following sections:

  • Coupon code: Enter the code that your customers will use to get the discount. You have to use a unique code each time.
  • Coupon Type:
    • Fixed discount: By this, you can add a fixed discount on your selected trip packages.
    • Percentage discount: You can add a percentage discount on your trip packages with it.
  • Coupon value: If you add a fixed discount then enter a fixed amount in it or enter the percentage amount for adding a percentage discount.
  • Coupon expiry date: Now, enter the date after your coupon will be invalid.
create coupon code in WordPress

Step 3: Customize the Coupon Restrictions

Third, add restrictions to your coupon. To do it press restriction then include the information for the following section:

  • Restrict coupon to trips: Here, you can restrict the trips for your coupon as you wish.
  • Coupon usage limit: You can also set how many times your coupon can be used.
create coupon code in WordPress

After entering all information, press publish.

create coupon code in WordPress

Step 4: Overview Active and Expired Coupons

Finally, see all the active and expired coupons by going to the WP Travel>> coupons. You can also edit each coupon by pressing the edit option below the coupon name.

What is a unique coupon code in WordPress?

A unique coupon code is a code that will be valid for one person and used once during sign-up.

That means if you share this code with one of your customers then your customer can use it only once and he or she can’t share it with others.

Your customers can’t share it with others. You will have the full authority to give this discount code.

Like if you give this code to two of your customers then your customers can’t share it with others. Only they can use this code because of one-time use validity.

As a result, you can give a private discount to your selected customers.


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