Customer journey WP Travel with sanjeewa

We care about your business as much as we do our own. Today, we are featuring one of our happy customer story with you.

We seek innovative and unique ways to deliver the features our customers need for their travel businesses, not only in the development of their websites but also in their growth.

The following is an exclusive interview with one of our happy WP Travel customers, Mr. Sanjeewa Padmal, sharing his journey in the travel business and how WP Travel has significantly helped generate leads and bookings on his website.

He says, “We have been able to increase our bookings with WP Travel.”

We encourage all proud WP Travel users to join this innovative movement, share your journey with us.

Which country is your travel business located in?

I have my travel business in Sri Lanka and would love to offer Seerendipitt Tours meaning trip filled with memorable moments and pleasant surprise.

Where did you find and hear about WP Travel?

I heard it from Friends (Word of Mouth) i would say. One of my friend recommended me because he liked it so.

What motivated you to choose WP Travel over other travel booking solutions?

Alright, for me its none other than Ease of use. While using the plugin, i did not find any difficulty like adding trips ,packages so on.

3 Main Reasons to choose WP Travel over other solutions?

  • WP plugging is very easy to manage.
  • It has many interesting features such as commenting, booking, galleries, etc.

Can you share any specific success stories or positive outcomes your business has experienced since using WP Travel plugin?

The most positive outcome of my business using WP Travel is that , We have been able to increase our bookings with this plugin, it looks nice.

How easy was it to set up and configure the WP Travel plugin for your website?

The setup is user friendly, so it was very easy for me.I do not have suggestions for you but if i face issue , i will chat with contact team.

Which features of the WP Travel do you find most beneficial for your business?

The feature which i liked in our website is Booking management. It is the most beneficial feature for my business.

How affordable do you find the pricing of WP Travel?

Comparing in the markets, i will say that WP Travel is budget friendly and affordable as Average. Other plugins in the market cost more and expensive.

What challenges and opportunities are you facing in your travel business?

The website will be a bit slow, but the significant time saved from not having to code and test makes it well worth it with this plugin.

How do your customers find the booking process on your website with the WP Travel?

As per the survey and analytics, it has been seen that the customers find the process of booking as Easy.

How would you rate the customer support provided by the WP Travel?

Its Excellent, if there is any issue i will directly send the support ticket and get the issue solved quickly.

How happy are you with our products/services?

If i rate in terms of number then, i will give it 9. Because, i think that there will always be the improvement part of any good product.

Would you suggest our plugin to your friends or colleagues?

YES, i will suggest WP Travel to my friends like my friend did it to me. I was confused whether to choose WP Travel or not, but with all features i need , i am completely satisfied with this plugin.