WP Travel Pro version 3.1.2 has released the most requested feature regarding adding cut off time for the booking of trip.

After adding cut off time, customer will be able to book the trip within only specific period of time.

You can add cut off time for the booking of trip in terms of hour so that customer need to book the trip before cut off time period by going to Admin Panel > Trips > Individual Trip(edited) > Prices & Dates > Dates.

Note: You have to enable Fixed Departure option.

add cut off time

Example: If you have selected date and time as 2020-10-23 and (5:00 am) respectively for the booking of trip and set cut off time(in hours) as 12 then booking date will be available for the customer till 2020-10-22(5:00 pm)

Also, booking date(2020-10-23 (5:00 am)) for the trip will not be available when customer will try to book the trip after 2020-10-22(5:00 pm).

Note: Cut Off Time feature can be applied to Recurring feature of the trip.

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