Using only currency symbols in expressing currency for your trips can cause confusion. Your users can get confused about what country currency you are preferring. So, it is important to display currency names instead of symbols. For example, If you give a dollar symbol in front of your trip currency. Then, your users will not get which country currency you are indicating.

It is better for your site if you provide information easily to your customers. Moreover, the more confusion you will provide there will be the fewer chances that your trip will get sold.

After all these, you must have the curiosity to know how to display currency names. We will cover that for you in this blog. So, let’s start.

How to display currency name instead of symbol

If you want to display on the single trip page then the WP Travel plugin provides this feature. WP Travel can work as a currency symbol generator for your site.

For adding it to your site, you need to use the Use Currency Name option by going to Admin Panel-> WP Travel-> Settings as shown in the screenshot below. After that, enable use currency name then press the save setting button.

display currency name

Now, go to your site. You will see the currency name instead of the symbol.

display currency name

Why displaying currency names are so important?

It is wiser to display currency names. By displaying it, there will be no confusion in your client’s mind. It has other importance too. Following are the reasons for displaying currency name:

  • Your site will provide a clear idea about the service you provide.
  • It will also increase the sale of your service.
  • Your customers will be satisfied after using your site. As no confusion prevails. As you can add euro, pound, WooCommerce currency symbols with your currency.
  • Customers of yours will get the exact currency that they need to pay.
  • You will get good customer feedback.
  • Furthermore, good customer feedback will lead your business to the position you are dreaming of.


A fantastic site is all about providing easy information to the customers. If your customers get confused about the money they need to pay for the service then you can never expect a sale. So, it is important to display currency names instead of symbols. Luckily, With the help of WP Travel, you can do it with no difficulty.

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