Do you have concerns about displaying the highest cost of your trip on your travel website? Well, worry no more! WP Travel Pro version 5.0.0 introduces a new feature that allows you to showcase the highest price of your trip on your site. To do so, simply enable the “Show Highest Price” option, exclusively available in the WP Travel Pro plugin.

For Example:

We have added three different Pricing Categories along with different prices, as shown in the screenshot below:

By default, the lowest price added among the pricing category will be displayed.

Then, now to display the highest price of the Trip on your site, enable the “Show Highest Price” option under Prices by going to Admin Panel > Trips > Individual Trips > Trip Options > Prices & Dates > Prices as shown in the screenshot below:

After enabling the “Show Highest Price” option, the highest price will be displayed.

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