Yes, you can display trips in the page/post where you are willing to display the trips as per your requirement using shortcode as WP Travel plugin provides the feature regarding adding shortcode to display trips.

You have to add below given shortcode to display the trips either in page or post.

display trips in the page or post using shortcode
display trips in the page or post using shortcode

Note: The maximum no of itineraries that a plugin can display by default is 20. But you can show more no of trips by passing the limit parameter as shown below.


Also, if you are willing to display more than two trips in a row then you can add “col” parameter in the shortcode as shown below.


You can increase/decrease the number (value) for column (col) as per your requirement.

Further, you can display itineraries(trips) which are marked as featured, associated with specific trip type/location using short codes.

For detail assistance regarding displaying trips based on featured, trip type and location, please refer link.

Also, if you want to view the feature regarding displaying itineraries and featured trips as demo then you can refer link.

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