Advanced Gallery

WP Travel Advanced Gallery is an exciting module included in the WP Travel Pro plugin which gives the functionality to add more informative gallery items including the audio, video ( from the URL as well ), and images. This module can take the transparency and clarity of a particular trip to the users to a whole different level. Admin can promote their trips with the maximum amount of information with no limit on the number of audio, video, and gallery items that they wish to include.


After downloading WP Travel Pro Plugin, install it and activate the plugin.
To enable the Advanced Gallery, go to Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > Modules Settings > Pro Modules and enable the Advanced Gallery


Using the WP Travel Advanced Gallery, the user will be able to add images, videos, and audio to a particular trip.

Adding media:

For this just go to Trip > Gallery and begin to add the media as per your requirement.

You can add the media by two option:

  1. Add Media: You can directly add your desired images, videos, and audios through the “Add Media” button. You can select the item of your preferences and add them.
  2. Insert From URL: This option is for the videos. You can add the URL of the video and add them to the gallery.

Featured image: 

Here to make the image featured, you need to click on that image and then a star will appear on the image. The featured image will appear in the archive page and in all the pages where the trip is displayed.

Gallery Display Style:

There are three ways of displaying the gallery. You can manage the gallery display setting from Admin  Panel > WP Travel > Settings > Misc. options.

  •  Grid: This option displays the gallery in grid view.
  • Slider: This option displays the gallery in sliding view.
  • Masonry: This option displays the gallery in masonry view.