Authorize.Net Checkout

WP Travel Authorize.Net Checkout is a payment gateway that enables you to process payments in any way that works for your business through your website. It can be an excellent alternative for all the existing payment gateways to all the WP Travel users since this plugin offers multiple payment options including credit cards and direct bank transactions, which can be one strong reason for you to dive into this plugin.


  • Payment via bank is applicable only for the accounts based on the United States Banks.
  • To enhance the security aspect for the payment via Authorize.Net, SSL installation is recommended on your site.

Admin Settings :

Once the license is activated, you need to enable the payment settings by going to WP Travel > Settings > Payment.

Once the payment setting is enabled, you need to enter the required credentials

You need to sign up for the merchant account on the official Authorize.Net site. You can reach the official site by clicking on the link as shown in the screenshot.

Available Options :

  • Enable:  This option allows the user to enable/disable the Authorize.Net Checkout.
  • Login ID: This option allows you to enter the Login ID.
  • Transaction Key: This option allows you to enter the Transaction Key.

After entering the required credentials, the next step is to validate the currency. The store currency and merchant account currency should be the same to further proceed with the transaction

In the case of a currency mismatch, you will get a warning to validate the currency.

In order to solve the issue of currency mismatch, you need to change the currency setting and match the store currency and merchant account currency by going to WP Travel > Setting > General > Currency

In the case where the currency is validated, you can proceed with the checkout process further.

To make a transaction possible using this module,  you need to ensure that the currency type for both merchant account and WP Travel Currency setting is identical. You must verify the setting through the “Validate Currency Type” button. If the verification has not been made, the Authorize.Net payment option will be disabled.

Payment via Authorize.Net Checkout :

Authorize.Net Checkout collects your customers’ payment information easily and securely on the web or mobile. Authorize.Net recommends a secure connection (SSL installed) to make the payment procedure secure and reliable.

To use the Authorize.Net Checkout option you have to follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: Fill in all the required fields on the payment form including billing info.
Step 2: Choose the option “Booking with payment” under Booking Options.
Step 3: Check the “Authorize.Net” option under Payment Gateway.
Step 4: Click on “Pay via“.

After you click on “Pay via”, a form will appear and you can select the payment option from among the options Credit Card and Bank Account.

Payment and Booking Confirmations :

The confirmations for the payment and booking are made via email.

When a user makes a booking a trip, Admin receives a booking confirmation email with the details including booking details and customers’ details.

Also, when a user makes a booking a trip, the User receives a booking confirmation email with the details including booking ID and booking details.

When the user makes a payment, a payment confirmation email is sent to the admin specifying that the admin side has received the payment from the user.

Also, when the user makes the payment, a confirmation email is sent to the user specifying that the payment that they have made has been received by the receiving party.