How to add a Partial payment option on the checkout page?

WP Travel Partial Payment is the module that is included in the WP Travel Pro plugin that provides better control over how you collect payments by allowing your customers to make payments for the remaining parts via the payment gateway that they prefer

For more details regarding Partial Payment, please watch the YouTube video

If you favor written guidance, then please continue reading. Without further ado, let us jump right into this topic so that you can start right away:

Admin Side:

After activating the WP Travel Pro plugin, enable the partial payment by going to Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > Advanced > Modules Settings.

Enable the partial payment

Then, go through Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > Payment, and enable the Partial Payment option

You can add partial payment in the amount or any percentage (%) of the amount to be paid as per your requirement.

Partial Payment In Amount:

Enabling the “In Amount” option will let you add the partial payment in the amount, which will be applied to all the trips you have added.

For more detail please refer to the related Knowledge Base.

Partial Payment In Percentage:

With the release of WP Travel v8.5.0, you can add up to 10 installments to be made by the customer and set any percentage (%) of the amount to be paid as per your requirement for multiple installments.

Add any number of installments

Then, make sure you have added the Dashboard Page.



After that, assign a dashboard page. For details, please refer to the link attached.

Note: To receive the remaining payment from the user you have to enable the login/register option before the user books the trip.

After enabling Partial Payment, an additional payment option, Partial Payment, will appear on the checkout page.

Also, WP Travel Pro provides the feature of sending a reminder notification to the customer via email about the remaining partial payment to be paid before going on the trip.

Client Side:

After the booking is made with the partial payment, the rest of the payment procedure is made easy with the plugin.

To make the payment for the remaining amount, go to User Dashboard > Bookings. You can find the details of the individual booking.

Details of the individual booking

Click on the details of the individual trip to make the remaining payments.

Individual trip to make the remaining payments