How to add custom filters using WP Travel Pro?

WP Travel Custom Filters is the module included in WP Travel Pro which gives you flexibility in adding multiple filters resulting in the way for easy classification of the trips through clean categorization. After the activation of WP Travel Pro, you can add your custom search filter fields to search trips.

Admin Side:

After activating the WP Travel Pro plugin, to activate the Custom Filter module, go to Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > Advanced > Modules Settings > Pro Modules and enable the Custom Filter module then you will get the option to add ‘Custom Filter‘ under WP Travel in Admin Panel.

Inside the Custom Filter option, can create any number of the filter as per your need.

Available Options :

  • Custom Filter Label: This option allows you to add labels to the custom filter.
  • Custom Filter Slug: This option allows you to add a slug to the custom filter.
  • Custom Filter Hierarchical: This option allows you to enable/disable the option to make the custom filter behave like “Post Category”. Disabling this option will make the filter similar to the post tag.
  • Show Admin Column: This option allows you to make the automatic creation of taxonomy columns on the trips label.

Thus created filter then will appear in the column where the rest of the trips post category is displayed under the Trips menu in the Admin Panel.

The Test Filter option will allow you to create the categories under which you can group the trips.

To view the list of created filters and categories, go to Admin Panel > All Trips 

After the category is assigned to the custom-created filter, the category can be used to filter the trips in the front end.

You can display the custom filter using the shortcode.


Also, you can use WP Travel Filters Widget to display the custom filter.

Client Side:

To make the search, add the WP Travel search widget where the row with the custom-created filter will appear. Upon selecting the category that is assigned to the trip, the filtered result will appear in the front end.

For more details regarding adding custom filters using WP Travel Pro, please watch the Youtube video: