How To Add Download Files Using WP Travel?

The Downloads tab will only appear after the activation of WP Travel Pro where the WP Travel Downloads module is bundled so you have to enable the WP Travel Downloads module by going to Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > Modules Settings > Pro Modules.

WP Travel Downloads (Buy Pro)

Visual content has always proved itself far more effective in attracting customers compared to text content. WP Travel Downloads provides travel site owners with a special function to upload digital media files associated with particular trips and destinations as content on their site. This feature provides the users at the other end the facility to download those files from that particular travel website. This module is lightweight and makes uploading and downloading easier for everyone.

Admin Side:

After the activation of the WP Travel Pro a “Downloads” tab will be seen under WP Travel.

You will be able to add multiple downloads adding different file types from here.

How to create the downloads?

To create the downloads go to “Downloads” under “WP Travel” in Admin Panel. Click on “Add New Download“.

You will get to add the different file types from the box at the right and add the caption from the left box.

Downloads Listing:

The added downloads will be listed under WP Travel > Downloads.

Set download preview:

If you don’t want to display the default icons then you can display the image instead of the icons by uploading the image in the tab “Downloads Preview

How to add the downloads in a trip?

Adding the downloads in a single trip is easy. For this go to the Downloads list tab and add the downloads that is added from WP Travel > Downloads.


To include a downloadable attachment in Email, you can go to WP Travel > Downloads to create the downloads.

You can then go on individual trips and assign the attachments accordingly.

You can add images, pdf as per your requirement in the download tab.

You can add this Email-tag given below in any email template you wish:


Client Side:

A user will be able to download different file types available in the “Downloads” tab.

Further, if you want to send downloads attachment of the trip to the required email then you can send it by checked in Want to send trip information to others? option and adding required email address to which you are willing to send downloads attachment under Downloads tab as shown in screenshot below:

For more details regarding how to add download files, please watch the Youtube video: