How to add extra services to your Trips using WP Travel plugin?

Trip Extras is an exciting module for the WP Travel Pro plugin that allows adding additional service for trips. You can add any services like flight, vehicle service, insurance, or any other custom you want.

If you are wondering what Trip Extras is all about? Well, it is a module included in WP Travel Pro for adding unlimited trip additionals. It will be best for those who are looking to add a specific extra item that the trip offers.


To create a Trip Extras, go to Admin Panel > WP Travel > Trip Extras.

The options within the WP Travel Trip Extras are mentioned below.


From the general settings, you will be able to add descriptions, prices, sale prices, and units.

Available options:

  • Description: This option allows you to add the descriptions of the extras that you have added.
  • Price (Buy Pro): This option allows you to add the price of the extras.
  • Sale Price (Buy Pro): This option allows you to add the sale price.
  • Required (Buy Pro): This option allows you to make this Trip Extra required.
  • Unit Label (Buy Pro): This option allows you to change the unit Label of the Trip Extras added.

Gallery (Buy Pro):

You can add images related to the extras from this option.

Steps to add the Extras to the trips:

After installing and activating the WP Travel Pro plugin you will find the Trip Extras menu under WP Travel in the Admin Panel.

Steps to follow to add extras to the trips.

  • Go to Admin Panel > WP Travel > Trip Extras and add the extras.
  • After adding the extras, go to  Admin Panel > Trips > Individual Trips > Dates & Prices > Prices and add the pricing option. Here you see the option “Trip Extras“. Finally, select the extras that you have added from the “Trip Extras” menu.

Front End:

The extras that you have added from the backend are displayed on the single trips page under the booking tab. With the pro version, you will be able to select/deselect the extras as per your requirement. If you chose the extras then the price will be added to the cart page.

For detail assistance regarding renaming Trip extras on a single itinerary page, please once refer given link.

Checkout page after choosing  the extras:


The images that you have added to the gallery can be viewed by going to the Trip Extras page.

For detail assistance regarding adding additional services to the trip, please refer given to our Knowledgebase.

For more details regarding Trip Extras, please watch the YouTube video