How to get  API Layer Fixer API Access Key?

WP Travel Pro plugin provides the feature regarding Multiple CurrencyCurrency Exchange and Weather Forecast API for which you need to add Fixer API / API Layer Fixer API under WP Travel settings.

Available options:

  • Use API Layer Fixer API: This option allows you to enable features to use API layer fixer API.
  • Enter Your API Access Key: This option allows you to enter the Fixer API key/ API Layer Fixer API key required to enable the specific features mentioned above.
    • You need to enter the API Layer Fixer API key if you have enabled the Use API Layer Fixer API option otherwise you have to enter a regular Fixer API key.
    • You can get the API Layer Fixer API key through the “Click here” link below the box.
  • Premium API Key Subscription: If you have the premium key then enable this option.

To know how to get API Layer Fixer API Access Key, please follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: Click the “Click here” option to get the API Layer Fixer API Access Key as shown in above given screenshot.

Step 2: After clicking the “Click here” option, you will be redirected to the API Layer page.

Step 3: Now choose Free Plan and click subscribe button which leads you to sign up page.

Note: You can choose any plan (free or premium) as per your requirement.

Step 4: After signing up you will get subscription successful message.

Step 5: Now, click on Account option under your profile icon as shown in screenshot below:

Step 6: Here you will get API Layer Fixer API Access Key which need to be added under Fixer API settings as shown in screenshots below.