How to Globally Set the Tabs Format ?

For setting the tabs format Globally follow the Step by process:

  1. Step 1: Hover or click on the WP Travel Menu from the dashboard, you will see the Listing as of the below Image. Click on the Settings link.
  2. Step 2: Once you are on the setting page of Trips you will see the vertical tab listing which includes Tabs click on it to move ahead to the Global Tab Setting Section.

3.Step 3: You will find 4 column ( Sorting, Global Trip Title, Custom Trip Title and Display ).

  • Sorting
    You can arrange your Tabs for all single Itinerary from here. Just drag the desired label from the Sorting column which contains the handler to place it upward or downward. The change made here will be implemented in Single Trip which will reduce your time if you want a consistent ordering of the Tabs displayed on the single trip page in the Front End Section.
  • Global Trip Title
    These columns contain the title set by the Developer while developing the plugin.
    If you want to name it differently for your entire Trip there is another column where you can set its Name for your Trip Title
    (eg if you like to change the Overview Trips to Overview ) to your entire Trip single page Backend as well as Front End head over to the Custom Trip Type and Replace it with the desired name that you want it for your Viewers.

    Note: If you only want to change the Label Of tabs for some of the Trips then Read this doc How to Arrange and Change Tabs on Single Trip.
  • Custom Trip Type
    You can add your desired name here for the Trip Label that you want to change Globally for the entire site.
  • Display
    If you don’t want to show any of the tabs in the Front End Single Trip Page you can just toggle the display setting by clicking on it and it will turn off Globally

    Note: If you want that particular label that you have turned off on some of the Trips then you can set it in while adding a new trip type which also consists of the same kind of design as the setting page.

    Note: Read this doc How to Arrange and Change Tabs on Single Trip.