How to modify the email template ?

With the  WP Travel version (1.3.7) , new feature “WP travel dashboard” has been introduced.

For this feature, multiple email template has been added to  the plugin folder which can be override uisng the child theme.

For example, to override the email template “customer-lost-password.php” at first you need to create the child theme.

To know about the process for creating the child theme please refer to below given link:

The very first step after creating the child theme is to create the folder “wp-travel” in your child theme. Inside the folder “wp travel” create another folder “emails“. Now finally create the file “customer-lost-password.php” inside the folder “emails“.

Now copy the content of “customer-lost-password.php” file from parent wp travel plugin folder by going to wp-travel> templates > emails > customer-lost-password.php. After this begin to modify the file as per your requirement through child theme.

Suppose if you want to change the original message that appears in the email for the lost password. You can do so by changing the text through the child theme.