Inventory Management

The most demanded feature “Inventory option” is now added to the WP Travel Utilities module included in the WP Travel Pro plugin. After enabling WP Travel Utilities a new tab “Inventory Options” will be added to the individual trip. With this feature, you can show the inventory status of the trips. The fields available are explained below:

Available Options:

  • Enable Trip Inventory: This option allows you to enable/disable the inventory feature for the trip.
  • Count Paid Booking for inventory: WP Travel Pro v4.0.3 has come up with a new feature which allows you to reduce the number of available booking seats (PAX) only after booking with payment. To achieve this feature, you have to enable it.

Note: When disabling this option, Inventory will be reduced in case of both Booking only and Booking with Payment.

  • Inventory Size: This option allows you to add inventory size for your trip.

Note: As for now the inventory size depend upon Min and Max pax added to the trip.

  • Out Of Stock option: This is the most requested feature which is now available in the WP Travel Pro plugin. If the trip is booked up to the max no of pax that you have defined then this feature will allow you to either add an enquiry form or display the Sold out message. For detail please click here.
  • Sold out Message: This option allows you to add a custom message to display when sold out message is enabled for unavailable trips.
  1. Display Enquiry:
  2. Show “SOLD OUT” message:


Sold Out message:

Enquiry button:

Note: If you are having trouble figuring out the inventory option setting, then worry not, please once refer given link.

For more details regarding how to set up the inventory option, please watch the Youtube video:

For more details regarding how to set up the inventory option for trip duration, please watch the Youtube video:

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