Multiple Currency

The most awaited feature of Multiple Currency is now available in the WP Travel Pro plugin. Using this feature users will be able to set the currency of their choice on the site so that the customer will be able to choose the currency as per their requirement. This feature will address customers from around the globe in a single site.

Enable Multiple Currency: #

To enable the multiple currencies at first you need to go to WP Travel > Settings > Misc Options > Fixer API and enter the API access key.

Available options:

  • Use API Layer Fixer API: This option allows you to enable features to use API layer fixer API.
  • Enter Your API Access Key: This option allows you to enter the API key required to enable the multiple currency feature.
    • You can get the API key through the “Click here” link below the box.

For detail assistance regarding how to get the API Layer Fixer API Access Key, please once refer given link.

  • Premium API Key Subscription: If you have the premium key then enable this option.

Finally, save the setting.

After that, please make sure that you have enabled WP Travel Multiple Currency by going to Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > Advanced > Modules Settings > Pro Modules as shown in the screenshot below:

If WP Travel Multiple Currency has been enabled please go to the Misc. options there you can see the option “Multiple Currency” with which you can choose the location to display the dropdown of the currency and add the currencies that you want to display on your site.

Available Options:

  • Base Currency: This is the currency that is set under the General tab  > General Settings > Currency.
  • Use Geo-Location: If enabled the manual currency selector option will be disabled from the frontend. For detail please refer to the link.
  • Menu Location: This option allows you to choose the location (Menu location) where you want to display the currencies dropdown. If nothing is available under this option then make sure to go to Admin Panel > Appearance > Menus and add the new menu.
  • Multiple Currency: This option allows you to set the currency of your choice on the site so that the customer will be able to choose the currency as per your requirement.
  • Select Currencies: This option allows you to add the multiple currencies that you want to display on the site.
  • Reset Cache: This option allows us to force reset of the currency’s value. If the button is not used for the rest of the value then the cache is automatically replaced with new data every 4 hours.

Front end:

You can choose the currency of your choice by using the dropdown and completing the payment.

Geo-Location Feature: #

The feature of Geolocation has been added to the WP Travel Pro plugin. In this feature, the currency will be adjusted according to the location of the user. The base currency set in the WP Travel > Settings > General > Currency does not make any difference.

Finally, make the payment from a suitable payment gateway.

How to enable the Geo-Location?

Firstly, you have to enable the Multiple Currency module by going to Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > Modules Settings > Pro Modules.

If you need to use the Geolocation feature then you need to simply enable it by going to Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > Misc. Options > Multiple Currency.

For more details regarding how to display multiple currency options, please watch the Youtube video