PayFast Checkout

WP Travel PayFast Checkout is the extension for WP Travel that allows accepting payments via the South African payment processor, PayFast. WP Travel PayFast Payment module is an on-demand payment option now available as a payment gateway for WP Travel plugin which provides easy payment options for travel business based in South Africa.

This payment gateway only works with the South African currency Zar. Payment from any country may be accepted, as long as you use ZAR as the store currency.

Admin Side:

Once the license is activated, you need to enable the payment settings by going to WP Travel > Settings > Payment.

Once the payment setting is enabled, you need to enter the required credentials.

Available Options :

  • Enable: This option allows the user to enable/disable the PayFast Checkout.
  • Merchant ID: This option allows you to enter the Merchant ID.
  • Merchant Key: This option allows you to enter the Merchant Key.
  • Passphrase: This option allows you to enter the passphrase. This field is optional but if you have set the passphrase in your account, you must enter the key in admin setting as well otherwise the transaction will not be possible.

How to get the key?

You can get the key by clicking in the “here” link as shown in the screenshot below:

You need to enable the South African Currency (Rand) for the payment procedure to work.

To select the currency, go to, Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > General > Currency and select South Africa Rand (R) Currency

Client Side:

After making all the settings ready, On the checkout page,  the user will find the payment gateway “WP Travel PayFast Checkout”.

The user needs to book a trip and reach the checkout page. Now to complete the payment processing, they can simply chose the “WP Travel PayFast Checkout” payment gateway.