Paystack Checkout

WP Travel Paystack Checkout is the safest and modern payment gateway now available as the payment gateway for WP Travel plugin. This payment gateway only works with the Nigerian currency and allows the payment process from anywhere in the world.

WP Travel Paystack Checkout is a payment gateway with a  mission to deliver a safe and convenient payment experience for customers and merchants. Paystack provides Nigerian merchants with the tools and services needed to accept online payments from local and international customers using Mastercard, Visa, and Bank.

To activate this Payment Gateway, go to Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > Payment and enable Paystack Checkout.

Once the payment gateway is enabled, you need to enter the required credentials.

Available Options:

  • Enable Paystack: This option allows the user to enable/disable the Paystack Checkout.
  • Test Public Key: This option allows you to enter the test public key.
  • Live Public Key: This option allows you to enter the live Public Key.

You need to enable the Nigerian Currency (Naira) for the payment procedure to work well. To select the currency, go to,

Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > General > Currency and select Nigerian Currency.

Client Side:

On the checkout page, with the booking option as “Booking with payment” enabled, choose Paystack as Payment Gateway.

Multiple payment options are available as Banking /  Cards.