Stripe iDEAL Checkout

WP Travel Stripe iDeal Payment, powered by Stripe and integrated with WP Travel is a payment gateway for the merchants residing in Europe and the United States who can accept the iDeal payment from customers in the Netherlands. Currently, WP Travel iDeal Payment only supports the euro currency for the payment.

WP Travel Pro plugin must be installed and activated to use this plugin. After you activate the plugin, a payment gateway WP Travel Stripe iDeal will be added to the checkout page.

Admin Side :

Once the license is activated, you need to enable the payment settings by going to WP Travel > Settings > Payment.

Once the payment setting is enabled, you need to enter the required credentials i.e. “Test Publishable Key” and “Test Secret Key”.

Available Options :

  • Enable Stripe IDEAL: This option allows the user to enable/disable the Stripe iDEAL Checkout.
  • Stripe Webhook: The webhook will appear itself after entering the Test Publishable Key and Test Secret Key.
  • Test Publishable Key: This option allows you to enter the test publishable Key.
  • Test Secret Key: This option allows you to enter the test secret key.

How to get the key?

You can get the key by clicking on the “here” link as shown in the screenshot below:

Sometimes after adding the payment key, the payment may not be processed. It might be due to the failure in creating the webhook in the stripe ideal dashboard.

Add Webhook:

To add the webhook please follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: After adding the keys, click on the Test Webhook options.

Step 2: Copy the webhook URL and login to the stripe ideal dashboard.

Step 3:  After login into the stipe ideal dashboard, please follow the screen record attached below to add the webhook: Screen Record

Client Side :

After making all the setting ready, On the checkout page,  the user will find the payment gateway “WP Travel Stripe iDEAL Checkout”.

The user needs to book a trip and reach the checkout page. Now to complete the payment processing, they can simply chose the “WP Travel Stripe iDEAL Checkout” payment gateway and select the appropriate bank.