Weather Forecast

To activate the Weather Forecast API module, go to Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > Advanced > Modules Settings > Pro Modules and enable the Weather Forecast module.

WP Travel Weather Forecast is the plugin for displaying the current weather. It pulls the data from

Along with the trip information now you will be able to display the weather of that particular place.

  • Configurations:
    After the activation of the WP Travel Pro plugin, the option to enable/disable the weather forecast feature will be available in WP Travel > Settings > Modules Settings > Pro Modules.

    Finally, the option to add the API key will be available in WP Travel > Settings > Misc. Options

You can get the API key by clicking on the “Click here” link as mentioned in the screenshot below:

  • Widget:
    For the Weather Forecast widget, you need to go to Appearance > Widgets as mentioned in the screenshot below:
  • Shortcode:
    • Primary shortcode:

For more details regarding the Weather Forecast feature, please watch the Youtube video:

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