What is WP Travel SliceWP Affiliate Addon?

WP Travel SliceWP Affiliate Addon is an add-on for the WP Travel plugin, designed to seamlessly integrate with the SliceWP plugin that unlocks the potential market and helps sell your enticing trips on external websites while generously rewarding your dedicated affiliate users with commissions. This powerful plugin enables you to effortlessly initiate your affiliate program and experience rapid growth in your business.

Importance of WP Travel SliceWP Affiliate Addon plugins: #

  • 1. As it is compatible with the SliceWP plugin, it easily manages your affiliate program directly from your WordPress dashboard.
  • 2. You’ll be able to set up your affiliate program without touching any code.
  • 3. You can know how your affiliates are performing.
  • 4. You can track and filter affiliate referred visits, commissions, and earnings all in real-time.