How to setup WP Travel Customer Dashboard?

Tab “Account Section” is the fourth tab under settings tab where you can reach by going to , Admin Panel > WP Travel > Setting > Account > Account which gives you the options to decide if you require login before booking, option to generate username from email automatically, generate password and enable/disable customer registration. 

Account Settings #

Customer Registration:

  If disabled the options at left as shown in the above screenshot, you don’t require to log in for booking the trips. Enabling this option requires a Customer login before booking Enabling this option will enable the registration on My Account page. “My Account page” is by default created b the plugin itself. 

Account Creation:

If you disable both of this option then you will get the link in your email that will lead you to the page from where you need to enter the username, password and email. 

 If you enable both of these options then you will automatically get the username and password in your email so you just need to enter your email only while creating the new account.

Login to the User Dashboard #

Before being allowed to enter the user dashboard, you will be asked to login. The login screen for the user dashboard asks for a username and password. If you already  have one then you can follow below given steps: 

To login to the WordPress Admin:

  1. Enter your Username and Password
  2. Click the Remember 
  3. Click the Login button to get access to the user dashboard. 

Forgot Password?

If you forget your password, you can click on Forget Password to get a new password.  

 After clicking on “Forget Password” you will be redirected to the page where you have to enter the email and click on “RESET PASSWORD” to receive the email.  

 Follow the on-screen instructions in the email to reset your password. Once you have successfully logged in, you will get access to WP Travel Dashboard.  What if you don’t have an account?? If you do not have an account already then you have to create one. To create the account click on “Create an Account”

How to create the account? 

To create the account enter the Username, Email, and Password and then click on the Register button.  

Finally, after creating the account go to login dashboard and login.  After successful login, you will reach the user dashboards where you will find five different menus. 


 In this section, you will find the list of trips that you have booked using your account. Here the trips that you recently booked will be displayed at the top. Also, only five recent trips that you book will be displayed. 

  If you click on “Book some trips now” you will reach the trip archive page where you find the lists of trips from where you can book your desired trips.  


This tab will list the booking that you have made using your account. This tab will also list the detail of the booking including mode and the payments. In the latest update “WP Travel Version 1.8.0” you will also find a button to view the details  

Note : With the release of WP Travel v5.3.1, admin will also be able to view all the booking under the Booking section.

 The “Detail” button will allow you to view the details of the information that you have entered while booking the trip.

Payments :

With the release of WP Travel v5.3.1, the Payments section has been added under the user dashboard. In this section, you will find the list of the payments for the trips.

Note: This section will only be visible for the admin.

 The “Detail” button will allow you to view the details of the information that the user has entered while booking the trip along with the payment detail.

WP Travel Wishlists (Buy Pro):

WP Travel Wishlists is an exciting module that is integrated into WP Travel Pro plugin which acts as a  middle ground between purchasing and forgetting a trip that you wish to plan someday. If you cannot make a purchase of a trip you want immediately, you can save it as a Wishlist and return to it later so that you don’t have to search for your favorite trip once again.

The trips added to the wishlist be listed in the “Wishlist” tab of the user dashboard.

For detail regarding the WP Travel Wishlists feature, please once refer to the given link.


This will display the address that you have entered through the “Address tab”. 

Note: The data you have entered here will be automatically saved in the booking form at the checkout page if you are logged in.

Account Info: 

This will display the account info that you have entered through the “Account tab” 

If you wish to change the password for your account then enable the “Change password” option and fill up the password field and save the changes. 


 From this tab, you can log out from your dashboard. 

WP Travel Dashboard (Booking widget) #

This feature helps you to see/list the booking that is made by the customer in the Admin Panel itself.

If there is no booking made then nothing will be displayed here.


  1. View All Booking: If you click on the “View All Booking” button, you will be redirected to the booking list.
  2. View Booking Details: With the recent version of WP Travel Version 1.8.0, you can view the booking details from Admin Panel as well.
  3. Draggable: If you do not like to display the booking widget in a particular location then you can drag it somewhere else and display it.
  4. Turn off the widget: If you don’t want to display the booking widget in the Admin Panel then you can turn it off by going to Admin Panel > Screen Options.