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Coupons List

You can view the lists of coupon that you have added from WP Travel > Coupons. 

This list, in general, summarizes all the information about coupons like:

  • Coupon code: Displays the coupon codes corresponding to the coupons.
  • Discount value: Displays the value that you have entered in coupon value filed.
  • Max Uses: Display the no of time a coupon can be used.
  • Usage Count: Display the no of times the coupon is being used.
  • Expiration Date: Displays the expiration date of the coupon.
  • Coupon Status: Displays the current status of the coupon.

Note: If you try to create the coupon with the same code then the plugin will let you publish the coupon but the coupon that was previously created will be applied if the code is used.

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