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WP Travel Plugin is an easy-to-use and awesome plugin that you can use with any travel site. With WP Travel you can simply add as many trips as you wish. Besides this plugin provides various kind of feature, setting which makes this plugin more attractive.

The compatibility of the plugin is also one of the feature. It can also be modified very easily through custom templates and filters.

We have released WP Travel v4.0.0 plugin adopting the React Framework. Our previous version worked fine, however, we have decided to move to react framework to enhance the quality of the WP Travel plugin further.

As for now, we have worked on the individual trip section and some parts of the frontend. Our ultimate goal will be running our entire WP Travel plugin in React Frame Work.

There is no much different from the user point of view, however, we have made some changes in the booking section. Now the available dates will be displayed in calendar or date listing form as per your requirement.

Not to forget, WP Travel is becoming popular day by day due to its frequent update with amazing additional features and support from the development team.

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