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Under this section you can find various options which are mentioned below:

Checkout Process Options:

This section contains multiple options which are mentioned below:

  • Price Unavailable Text (Buy Pro): This option allows the user to set Price Unavailable Text for trips with empty or 0 prices.
  • Select Booking Options (Buy Pro): This option has 2 sub-categories which are mentioned below:
    • Booking only: This is simply a booking made without payment.
    • Booking with Payment: This is simply a booking made with payment.
  • Enable Multiple Checkout : This option allows you to enable multiple checkout feature. For detail regarding multiple checkout feature please refer link.
  • Enable Multiple Travelers: This is an exciting feature added to the WP Travel which allows you to enable/disable the field to add the information for the multiple travelers on the checkout page.

Multiple Checkout (Buy Pro):

WP Travel Pro v4.0.0 has added this new feature which allows the customer to select multiple cart items for booking in single checkout. With this feature, you can book more than one cart items (trips) during checkout. This feature will be very useful to the user who want to book different trips at the same time i.e. at single checkout.

If you want to use multiple checkout feature then you have to enable Enable Multiple Checkout option by going to Admin Panel >WP Travel >Settings > Checkout as shown in screenshot below:

After enabling the Enable Multiple Checkout option, customer will be able to add more than one trips during checkout as you can see in screenshot below:

Note: In case of multiple checkout, Global Partial payment (in percentage) option will be applied.

When coupon code will be applied in case of multi cart feature then the amount will be discounted from the trip to which coupon has been assigned.

For more details regarding Multiple Checkout, please watch the Youtube video

For more details regarding Multiple Travelers info, please watch the Youtube video

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