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This is a brand new and exciting feature released with the WP Travel v1.3.2.

With this new and fresh feature, the user will be able to add multiple trip facts/ information about the trips.

Steps For using  the Trip Facts:

How to enable Trip facts?

You can enable the trip facts by going to Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > Facts.

How to add new trip facts?

In order to add new trip facts, the user just needs to click on the” Add new” buttons. Clicking on the “Add new” button will make the field appear where you need to enter the field name, select field Type, and enter icon classes.

Available Options:

Field Name: This option enables you to enter the trip facts name.

Field Type: This option enables you to choose the filed type i.e. whether it is single select, multiple select or plain text.

Values: This option allows you to add values for your Trip Extra.

Icon: This field allows you to choose an icon. After clicking choose icon button, you will find the field to add icon class. eg: fas-fa-bus.

Note: You can add as many facts as you like with the “Add new” button.

How to add these trips facts to individual trips?

After adding the required number of trips facts from the Settings > Facts, go to individual trips to add the facts that are required for the trips.

From the individual trip, edit screen go to the Facts” tabs. Here you will find the ”Add new” button, just click on this button and add the required facts for the trips that are added from the Settings > Facts.

These facts are sortable i.e you can reposition them by dragging them up and down according to your preferences.

Frontend display:

Display trip Facts using the shortcode:

What makes the release of the version (1.3.2) even more interesting is that you can even display the facts using the shortcode.


[wp_travel_trip_facts id="6"]

For more details regarding adding New Facts, please watch the Youtube video

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