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Under the General Setting section, you will be able to see the following fields.

General Settings:

  • Currency: This enables you to enter the currency type as per your requirement.

    For detail assistance regarding adding a new currency in the currencies list option, please once refer given link.

    For detail assistance regarding changing Currency Symbol to Currency Code, please once refer given link.
  • Use Currency Name: This option will display the currency name instead of the symbol in the frontend. ( E.g USD instead of $.

    For detail assistance regarding how to display currency name instead of Symbol, please once refer given link.
  • Currency Position: This option lets you manage the currency placement.

    For detail assistance regarding how to set position of currency displaying in single trip page, please once refer given link.
  • Thousand Separator: This option allows you to set a thousand separators of displayed prices.
  • Decimal separator: This option allows you to set the Decimal separator of displayed prices.
  • Number of decimals: This option allows you to set the number of decimals of displayed prices.

    For detail assistance regarding Roundup Decimal, please once refer given link:
  • Maps:
    • Select Map: WP Travel Plugin sets Iframe Map as default map and it provides different map options which are listed below.
    • API Key: You have to enter the required API key here for the maps mentioned above to generate the map at the location section.
    • Zoom level: This option allows you to set the zooming level of the maps.


  • Checkout Page: This option enables you to choose the page to use as the checkout page for booking.
  • Dashboard Page: This option enables you to choose the page to use as a user dashboard.
  • Thank You Page ( Buy Pro ): This option enables you to choose the page to use as a Thank you, Page. For detailed assistance please click here.

This amazing new feature is available from version 1.2.3 till our latest version of WP Travel. It represents a fully customizable mechanism that the user needs to go through to Book the Trips.

Features of checkout processes:

One of the most important features of the checkout process is a clear indication of the steps/progress throughout the entire checkout process.

Setting up checkout processes

To enable the checkout process you don’t need to add any sorts of extra plugin. The feature is bundled within the plugin itself.

After activating the WP Travel for the checkout process, the first thing you need to do is assign the “Checkout Page” and “Dashboard Page” with “WP Travel Checkout” and “WP Travel Dashboard” options respectively by going to Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > General > Pages.

( Note: Upon installation of the WP Travel version 1.2.3, the plugin creates the pages “WP Travel Check out” by default. )

But in case if the default pages are not working for you then you can create the pages by yourself by going to Admin panel > Pages > Add New by including the shortcode for the checkout page.

Shortcode to add while creating the pages :
Checkout Page : [wp_travel_checkout]
Dashboard Page : [wp_travel_user_account]
Thank You Page: [wp_travel_thankyou]

 Work Flow:

The flow of the checkout process starts by clicking on the “Book Now” which is located on the Single Trip Page button.

Step 1: The workflow begins with clicking on the “Book Now” button. After clicking on Book now button it will redirect you to the Booking tab and a Button with “Select a Date” will appear again with the Book Now button.

Step 2: Click on the “Book now” button then you will be redirected to the checkout page where the booking form is available for booking the trips. From here you will be able to choose the different payment methods for final payment after filling out the details of the form. The default payment is Standard PayPal. 

Payment Systems: 

  • Standard PayPal: Available within the plugin.
  • To explore more about Payment gateways click here.
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