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Are you looking for the invoice feature in the WP Travel plugin? Now, the WP Travel Pro v2.0.7 comes with the brand new feature of the invoice. Using this feature, the user will automatically receive the email containing the PDF invoice after making the payment of the trips.

It includes the basic templates. Additionally, the invoice contains all the necessary information regarding the price including the tax info. If you have used the extras feature with the price then it will also be included in the invoice.

– Automatically attach invoice PDF to an email.

Invoice Options:

  • Enable Invoice: This option allows you to enable/disable the invoice feature.
  • Use Relative path: This option allows you to use the image path as var/www/HTML… instead of HTTP to generate a pdf invoice.
  • Invoice Logo: This option allows you to upload the image of your choice to display as the logo.
  • Invoice Address: This option allows you to add the address of the travel company.
  • Invoice Contact: This option allows you to add the contact no of the travel company.
  • Invoice Website: This option allows you to add the website of the travel company.

Note: If the uploaded logo does not display initially then please turn on the option “Use Relative path“.

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