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Under the trips section, you will be able to see the following field.

  • Custom Trip Codes (Buy Pro): This option allows you to enable Custom Trip Code for Trips so that you can add your own Trip code.

For more detail, please click here.

  • Hide-related trips: This option will allow to hide/Show related trips in the single trip page.

For more detail, please click here.

  • Enable Multiple Travelers: This is an exciting feature added to the WP Travel version(1.7.5) which allow you to enable/disable the filed to add the information for the multiple travelers in the checkout page. (Note: This section has been replaced to Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > Check out.)
  • Trip date listing: This Option allows you to choose either to display the date in the calendar or in listing form. There are two options in the trip date listing which are mentioned below:
  1. List by Calendar(Default): If you choose this option the dates are shown in calendar form.
  1. List by Dates: If you choose this option the dates are shown in the listing form.

Note: The Dates option only works for fixed departure trips.

For detail assistance regarding how to display Date Listing feature on the single itinerary page, please once refer given link.

Note: Make sure you have assigned the added pricing option to the added date or else nothing will be displayed under the booking tab.

  • Enable Expired Trip Option: This option allows you to remove the trips whose dates have been expired for booking from the trips section(backend) as well as from the frontend section.

For detail assistance regarding Enable Expired Trip Option, please click here.

For more details regarding removing trips that have been Expired for booking, please watch the Youtube video:

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