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This is the tab section. Available options are explained below:

Use Global Tabs Layout: If you enable this option then the Tab is displayed from WP Travel > Settings > Tab. If the option is disabled then the tab setting will be displayed from the individual trip.

  • Tab listing: Here is the list of the tab that is displayed in the frontend.
  • Sorting: You can sort the tabs by dragging it up and down clicking on the tabs.
  • Tab Renaming: The tab can be renamed as per your requirement.
  • Enable/Disable Tab: You can enable/disable the tab from individual tab section.

Add New Tab (Buy Pro):

WP Travel Pro provides the feature regarding adding a new tab with which user will be able to add the custom tabs globally or to the single trips. For detail assistance regarding adding a custom tab feature, please refer link. The options available under the new tab are listed below:

  • Tab Label: This option allows you to add/edit the tab label.
  • Tab Content: This option allows you to add/edit the tab content.

For detail assistance regarding Switching the position of tabs displaying in single trip page, please once refer given link.

For detail assistance regarding translating tabs in a single trip page , please once refer given link.

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