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WP Travel Search

WP Travel Search is the widget that you can place in any widget area. With WP Travel Search you will be able to search itineraries.

Available Option :

  • Title: This option allows you to change the title of the widget section.

After placing the required widget you will see the search section as given below at the frontend.

Front-end Sections :

  • Search: Enter the keyword to search your requires itinerary.
  • Trip Type: Select the trip type that you want to search.
  • Location: Select the locations that you want to search.

All the locations and trip type that is entered through plugin section will be listed in the drop-down.

Note: If the location mismatch with the trip Type or any mis combination will lead to a 404 pages.

For eg: If you have the trip type: Wildlife safari and location: Africa but you search as Trip Type: Wildlife safari and location: Asia, it will lead you to a 404 page.

If you are willing to rename ‘Search’, ‘Trip Type‘, ‘Location‘ labels displaying in the search widget, please refer given link.

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