WP Travel Pro plugin provides the feature regarding downloading bookings listed under the Bookings tab through the Download Bookings button. The main reason for providing this downloading feature is to make clear to the user which type of values (data) are being downloaded when importing/exporting data through the Import/Export modules.

To enable the Download Bookings, go to Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > Advanced > Modules Settings > Pro Modules and enable Import/Export.

Then, to download the detail of trip bookings listed under the Bookings tab please follow the path Admin Panel >WP Travel > Bookings and click the Download Bookings button as shown in the screenshot below.

Backend to download bookings:

download booking listed

Note: File will be downloaded in CSV Format.

After downloading the bookings, please open the downloaded CSV file which will be opened in Excel format as shown in the screenshot below.

download booking listed

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