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WordPress Plugins for Travel Sites

WordPress by far is the best choice for building a wide range of websites and travel agencies cannot be an exception. But building a travel website on WordPress, like any other CMS, requires that programmers work hours on hours to have all the facilities and functions that a travel agency website needs. But no more. WP Travel Plugin is the panacea for travel websites – all a developer needs to have a travel site run on WordPress is to install the plugin and then install all the required addons that correspond to their client needs – be it payment facilities or UI elements.

WP Travel exclusively works in developing functional requirements of travel businesses in the form of plugins. Apart from our base plugin, which fulfills all the functionalities that a starter travel website needs, we have developed a wide range of WordPress plugins for travel sites include payment plugins, emails, configuration, itinerary setup, travel maps and much more.

With just one click, you can install and have all the functionalities that a travel website needs. Compatible to increasingly wide range of WordPress travel themes, the WP Travel Plugin enables you to customize the website’s functional requirements. You can have your travel site run smoothly with extra convenient features.

WP Travel plugins help you to create a whole tour management system online with features like – travel booking, secure payment methods, file editing, easy downloads, and much more. Here are some of the features that these plugins offer you in a fly!

WordPress Payment Plugins

More and more people are preferring to make online payment instead of bank transfer or cash transactions. As such having the ability to accept online payment from potential customers is an essential prerequisite for travel and trekking agency websites. It is very crucial that travel agency websites are integrated with domestic and international gateways. WP Travel offers a wide range of payment gateway plugins for travel site built on WordPress. Name any payment gateway and we are sure that you will find it on WP Travel. These payment plugins work with our parent plugin WP Travel and offer all the payment abilities you would like to have on your client’s site. See all our WordPress Payment Plugins here.

WordPress Map Plugins: Maps are integral part of travel and tour websites. Compared to general business websites, travel agency websites need maps to show travel and trekking route to users. And if these maps are interactive, it helps website visitors to interact with these maps and increase their chances of converting. WP Travel offers two great WordPress Map plugins: WordPress MapQuest and WordPress Travel Here plugins.

WordPress Email Marketing Plugin

Email marketing is a great way to inform and convert your users in the long run for travel agency websites. We offer WordPress Mailchimp plugin – the simplest and one of the most powerful email marketing service provider. This plugin integrates with your travel site on WordPress and works well with WP Travel plugin to put email subscription forms and automate email marketing campaigns. With all the coding done, all you have to do is simply install the plugin and get started.

Group Discounts & Partial Payment Plugins: Discounts are part of the trade – no matter in which trade you are into. However, when it comes to travel business, it is more crucial to offer discounts on the basis of group size. Use our Group Discount plugin for WordPress travel site and have the ability to offer such discounts in a fly.

Along with that we have made payment easy for your users. Use the partial payment facility on your travel site and let your users pay for the tour in easy installments. It is a great way for you to engage the visitor with your service while having them pay for their tour in installments.

Gallery Plugin for WordPress: Photo galleries are great way to showcase a tour package/s to your visitors. Using our advanced gallery plugin you can showcase audios, videos (even from YouTube), and images with different style and effects.

Along with these, we have all the features that a travel site would require for providing better facilities to their users. If there are features that you would like to request, get in touch with us and we will more than glad to assist.